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Does Coffee Dehydrate the Body?

Does Coffee Dehydrate the Body

Quick Navigation #1 Why people think that coffee dehydrates?#2 What’s caffeine?#3 Is caffeine diuretic?#4 Can coffee cause dehydration? #5 Can you drink too much coffee?#6 Is coffee good for you? Can you guess the most popular beverage in the world? If you think coffee, you’re right. After all, who doesn’t love a hot cup of […]

Stay Hydrated: The Best Way to Rehydrate Quickly

Best Way to Rehydrate Quickly

Quick Navigation What do you need to stay hydrated?Now, let’s see how to stay hydrated.#1 Don’t believe the myths#2 Drink when you’re thirsty#3 Check your urine#4 Electrolytes are important for hydration#5 Sickness changes the body’s water needs#6 Drinking too much water might be dangerous#7 Don’t forget to drink water It seems strange that in a […]

5 Amazing Benefits Of Celery, № 3 Is Unbelievable!

5 Amazing Benefits Of Celery, № 3 Is Unbelievable!

Which is the first healthy vegetable that springs to your mind? Most likely kale, beet or spinach.But would you say celery? Probably not.The sad truth is that celery is often left forgotten at the back of the list. But it has a lot of health benefits that I’m sure you haven’t thought about at all. […]

6 Super Benefits Of Bananas, № 2 Is A Surprise!

Do you know which the most popular fruit is? Apples? No, you’re wrong. According to studies bananas are the most consumed fruit in the USA.It shouldn’t be a surprise. Bananas are sweet, tasty and healthy. But I’m sure that you haven’t thought about what the health benefits of eating a banana are.Don’t worry. I’m going […]

8 Reasons To Drink Pineapple Juice, № 3 Will Make You Gasp!

Once, the pineapple was an exotic, unknown fruit. Now, you can find this delicious fruit in almost every supermarket.But I bet that you don’t know that pineapples are among the healthiest fruits on the planet.Why?It’s simple. They are a vital source of important vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. That’s why they are an excellent anti-inflammatory remedy, […]