Coffeemania seems to have swept the whole world. Famous manufacturers almost daily bring to the market improved devices for making a fragrant drink. How to understand the huge assortment and choose a coffee maker for the house, which will please both the price and the quality? We share secrets.

If you do not plan to spend large amounts from the family budget, but at the same time want to enjoy a fragrant drink, consider inexpensive options. These include electric Turks and mechanical French presses. 


The principle of operation of the device resembles an electric kettle: a heating element is installed at the bottom, which brings water to a boil. The only point is that not all manufacturers have provided an automatic shutdown function, you will have to monitor the process yourself. The volume of the electric turk is small, enough for a couple of tiny cups of coffee. As for aroma and taste, opinions are divided here. Many say that the drink loses real coffee in Turkish, and someone does not see any differences.

Among the advantages of an electric mini-coffee maker, one can distinguish high cooking speed, practicality (can be used instead of a kettle), ease of operation (washed with an ordinary sponge for dishes), and safety.


The French press is a very convenient coffee pot, which is made of heat-resistant heat-saving glass. The glass coffee pot is shaped like a cylinder. The cover is connected to a metal piston with a mesh. The process of making coffee in such a coffee maker is simple: the powder is placed in a cylinder, poured with hot water. After 4-5 minutes, the press can be lowered so that the thicker remains at the bottom, and pour the drink into the cup.

The main advantage of the French press is that it does not need electricity. Boiling water can be heated on a gas or electric stove, on a fire. Many take this coffee pot with them on hikes and to the country house the coffee pot weighs no more than 300 g. The preparation time for a fragrant drink is minimal.

The French press is attractive in price. There are models that are even cheaper than the Turks. But there are also disadvantages. Firstly, the process of making coffee is not automated. This means that you can’t just press the power button and go to the shower. You are dealing with boiling water, so there is always a danger of getting burned. Cold water is poured into the coffee makers. In addition, many models of electric coffee makers can stand on for several hours (if you forget to turn off the appliance), and nothing will happen. There are even coffee makers with an automatic shut-off function right after the drink is ready. The French press is not suitable for you if you prefer espresso or cappuccino coffee is not suitable.


coffee maker

Drip coffee maker takes pride of place at the head of the table in offices and other institutions

This type of coffee maker works by this principle. Water in a special container is heated to a temperature of 87-95 degrees and drips into the filter, in which the coffee powder is placed. Passing through the filter, the water takes the aromatic substances from the coffee powder and flows into the vessel for the finished drink. This coffee is also called an American drink.

Apparatus power

The parameter is important for those models in which there is no coffee strength adjustment. If you like a strong drink, choose the coffee machine with the least power. After all, the less power, the slower the water heats up and the more aromatic substances manage to give ground coffee beans.

Flask for the finished drink. It is usually made of glass or special plastic, and the handle is made of heat-insulating material. Many manufacturers improve these coffee pots by developing special lids and spouts for them with a “fragrance protection system”. There are coffee makers with the function of maintaining the temperature. There are models with protection against transfusion. The coffee maker should stop working automatically if you try to make more coffee than the vessel for the finished drink can accommodate. Filter holder basket

Previously produced coffee makers had a removable filter, but this is not very convenient since the filter with used coffee had to be installed somewhere. I had to put it on the table, and then wipe drops of coffee from it. Now, all drip coffee makers have a floating basket with a filter that moves off to the side, and at the same time, a special valve closes from the bottom, which prevents the rest of the drink from staining the table.


It can be paper, nylon, "gold". Paper filters are the most hygienic sleeping coffee is thrown away with the used filter. The disadvantage is that you have to constantly buy new filters. Nylon is usually included with the coffee maker. Many people do not realize that such a filter is designed for only 60-70 brews, so they use it much longer. The so-called “golden” filter is the same nylon filter coated with a layer of titanium nitride. This increases the service life of the filter, and, accordingly, the cost of the coffee maker. Water level indicator

See if the selected model has a water level indicator that shows how much liquid has already been poured into the tank. The water level indicator is a scale, looking at it, you can determine how many tablespoons of coffee you should pour into the filter. 

Capsule coffee maker

Such devices use special capsules filled with various types of coffee (pure or with aromatic additives). Inside the machine, a special system punctures the tank, water from the boiler under pressure passes through the mixture, the finished drink is poured into a cup. Among the advantages can be identified:

  • variety of tastes;
  • multifunctionality;
  • automatic cleaning system;
  • simple use.

Not without cons. Consumables are quite expensive, and without capsules, the coffee machine will not work.

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)

Annalise O'Conner is a Registered Dietitian and Personalized Nutritionist. She is a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, teaching nutrition in the School of Public Health and APAN (Asian Pacific Islander American Network) Email: [email protected]

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