Aquafitness is sports in the aquatic environment. Dry-land activities tend to put a strain on joints. Aquafitness reduces the impact on joints and improves their flexibility, thus it is recommended for everyone, especially for pregnant women and people with disabilities such as obesity. Does your leisure center offer aquafitness already? If not, here are our equipment recommendations for small and big rehabilitation centers.

Water exercise equipment for leisure centres with swimming pools

1. Aquabike

Aquabike - the most popular aquafitness equipment that works great as a rehabilitation tool and will help your customers burn calories easily. offers four types of aquabike with height regulation, so you can choose an option that perfectly meets your needs.

2. Aquafitness trampoline

Aquafitness trampoline is an octagonal, super stable, foldable structure made from 100% stainless steel. It can be stocked easily. Elastics hold up to 120 kg.

3. Treadmill for aquafitness

Aquabikex brings a stationary treadmill into the water. Xena AquaTreadmill will help your customers burn calories faster and in a healthier way than a dry-land version.  Thanks to the buoyancy of water and load reduction on joints it is ideal for people in the recovery process.

4. Water elliptical training equipment

Nordic walking in a pool? Aquabikex offers an Aquastepper with a regulated resistance level. One of the very few water elliptical training equipment available on the market, with regulated mechanical resistance which allows adjusting the difficulty level to personal needs. 

Aquafitness solutions for smaller rehabilitation centers

You don’t need to have a swimming pool in your offer, to provide your clients with professional aquafitness equipment and water activities. Nowadays you can invest in an aquabike cabine e.g. Wet-Fit AquaBike Edition - a smart aquafitness solution with a build-in ozone system that helps maintain cleanliness, equipped with an aquabike. An individual aquabike cabine comes with a water-resistant TV. It is a great piece of equipment for rehabilitation in water. Aquabike cabine has two hydrotherapy systems, designed for a whole-body massage.

Where to buy aqua fitness products?

You can find all of the original and quality controlled aqua fitness products online on offers high-quality, awarded aqua fitness products with quality certificates. Its products come with a warranty. Aquabikex provides products for individual and commercial users for sport, rehabilitation and relaxation purposes. Its products are made of the best, quality-controlled materials and they comply with the general safety of products.

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