It hurts from the back to the waist; it hurts, it is heavy, it is dull. Such symptoms sometimes appear. The cause may be a visceral illness. Let's introduce the structure in the stomach and what seems to be caused by symptoms.

When an abnormality occurs in the organ in the place called retroperitoneal (behind-the-skin) behind the body, symptoms such as pain are likely to occur in the back and waist.

In the stomach, there is a space called the abdominal cavity surrounded by the peritoneum, and it contains the organs such as the stomach, the liver, and the large intestine. It is a so-called "stomach" organ. Place behind this peritoneum is the retroperitoneum. There are the duodenum, pancreas, kidney, etc. The retroperitoneum is outside so to speak; it is easy to have symptoms on the back and waist if there is abnormality here.

Indeed, the location where symptoms tend to differ between "inside" and "outside" of the stomach. For example, pyelonephritis – where symptoms such as cystitis appear together with a high fever. Because the kidneys are "outside," pain develops from the back to the hips.

In the case of the uterus, half are in the stomach, but the other half is outside. Therefore, in the case of endometriosis, heavy pain comes up not only to the lower abdomen but also to the lower back. Also, even if an abnormality occurs in the aorta passing behind the pleura, pain is likely to occur on the back.

Symptoms of orthopedic diseases are easy to show symptoms such as pain accompanying posture and movement, but symptoms of internal organs diseases are not necessarily linked with posture. People with the symptoms receive consultation at the internal department.

Pain In The Right Upper Right Corner

▼ Pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, etc. "Resound pain."

▼ Such as bronchitis "pain spreading across the back."

It is also caused by acute bronchitis due to cold, asthma, etc. In addition to a cough, sputum, chest discomfort, coughing spreads pain throughout the back. Even pneumonia and pulmonary tuberculosis may cause pain that resonates to the back when coughing. A cough with coughing of sputum, chest pain, fever, shortness of breath, etc. is also accompanied.

Pain In The Right Lower Right Corner

▼ Duodenal ulcer etc. "Insufficient pain."

▼ Such as hepatitis "pain accompanied by sagging of the body."

▼ Pyelonephritis, kidney stones, etc. "Pain accompanied by fever."

Duodenal ulcers are more common in younger people between the ages of 20 and 40. In the epigastrium or on the back of the right side when you are hungry, there is a pain that plugs in. In the case of hepatitis, heavy pain tends to occur from the right flank to the back. Pelvic pyelonephritis and kidney stones accompanied by pain and fever may develop on the left and right sides, respectively.

Pain That Goes Around The Waist

▼ Urinary tract stone "intermittent pain."

▼ Such as salpingitis, extrauterine pregnancy "pain accompanied by high fever."

▼ Endometriosis etc. "Heavy pain in the entire lower abdomen."

In urolithiasis, a pain like a seven-headed binge suddenly appeared. Pain repeats itself and disappears. Ovitis caused by bacterial Chlamydia infection, etc. In ectopic pregnancy where a fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus, it is accompanied by high fever, and it hurts around the waist. Menstrual pain is heavy in endometriosis, pain ranging from the lower abdomen to hip.

Pain In The Upper Left Part Of The Back

▼ Angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, etc. "Pain as if gripped by hand."

▼ Dissociative aortic aneurysm, aortic aneurysm, etc. "Tearing pain."

It is angina pectoris and myocardial infarction that the coronary artery of the heart narrows or becomes clogged and blood is not sufficiently supplied to the heart. Pain in the chest is common, but pain also spreads to the back. Dissociative aortic aneurysm and the like in which the inner membrane of the aorta is torn and can be ruptured (hump), etc. suddenly suffer from tearing severe pain.

Pain In The Lower Left Portion Of The Back

▼ pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, etc. "intolerable pain."

▼ Pyelonephritis, kidney stones, etc. "Pain accompanied by fever."

Acute pancreatitis often occurs after a fatty meal or after excessive drinking. It also happens due to gallstones. Unbearable pain extends from the epigastria to the left upper abdomen, back side. Pyelonephritis caused by bacterial infection, kidney stones that can make a stone in the kidneys involve not only pain but also fever.

Pain In Waist And Back Do Not Leave

I am concerned about the pain of waist and back, but it does not improve even if I do massage, and even if I take an X-ray in orthopedic surgery, there is not an abnormality in bone, etc. In such a case, the visceral disease may be hidden. Recently, comprehensive departmental departments have also appeared that diagnose early on such pain and treat them in collaboration with specialists. I heard experts talk about dangerous diseases in which back pain is caused and how to distinguish them.

A man in a certain city left a pain in his waist for two years, and when visiting a hospital, malignant tumor between viscera and viscera had spread to the pelvis. When the internal pain in the back and back is prolonged, internal organs diseases are sometimes hidden, so do not hesitate I'd like you to see a medical institution.

Kidney, The Most

It may be hard to imagine why pain in the waist and back comes out although it is a disease of internal organs.

When an abnormality occurs in the visceral organs, pain or tenderness usually occurs in specific parts of the body surface for each organ. Tenderness means that pain will be strong when pressed. These pain on the waist and back are called "related pain."

Information on diseases that occurred in organs is transmitted to the brain through the spinal cord. Just the spinal cord dominates nerves such as skin and muscle. While receiving information from the nerve such as the stomach, heart, gallbladder and the spinal cord on the way back of the waist and back nerve goes to the brain, the brain receives that internal bowel pain has occurred in the lower back.

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