Humans have shoes and socks to protect their feet, but what protects our dog’s feet? With all the running, jumping, and playing, paws can get a beating, which is why they require special attention from every pet parent. While dog paws are generally not given much consideration, taking care of them is an essential part of every dog grooming routine.

Basic Dog Paw Care

When we talk about a dog’s paws, we are talking about the nails and pads. It is essential to make sure that neither are damaged or broken as bacteria can easily inhibit them, causing nasty infections. Regular care can keep dog paws clean and healthy by preventing and removing bacteria, dirt, and harmful substances.

Nail care for dogs is generally easy. Like humans nails, dog nails should be kept at a short to medium length. They should be clipped every 1-2 months, or when you hear them clicking on the floor. 

Pads are the soft tissue that forms the base of a dog’s paw. Every dog has five paw pads, usually black in color, topped by a nail. Because paw pads are exposed to external conditions like heat, snow, and rough terrain, they can easily get cracked and burned. Caring for dog pads can be a little more complicated than caring for their nails, which is why many pet owners use balms or creams to make this job easier.

CBD Paw Balm

CBD oils for pets or CBD paw balm is an ideal solution for all your paw care needs. In fact, a CBD topical might just be the only thing you need for basic dog paw care. CBD is a botanical supplement known for its all-natural properties that promote overall wellness. 

6 Reasons You should Choose CBD Paw Balms for Dogs

 Use CBD Infused Dog Paw Balm

1. Prevention Is Better Than Cure

CBD paw balms may help prevent any potential harm to your dog’s paw and ultimately their wellbeing. By keeping the paw pads hydrated and moisturized, CBD can help prevent cracks and burns, which are common among dogs who spend time outdoors.

2. Repair Cracked Heel

With so much time spent outdoors on rough terrain, dogs are prone to cracked heels, dry snouts, and dry skin. CBD balms are effective at naturally soothing and nourishing damaged skin and repairing cracked paws and snouts without any side effects or risks associated with other topicals.

3. Extreme Dry Weather

If your dog is exposed to extreme winters, their paws can seriously suffer. Traditional methods such as antifreeze or salt only worsen the situation and further deplete their skin. CBD, on the other hand, provides a protective layer that can protect their paws from harsh weather conditions.

4. Let Them Lick

A peculiar habit that dogs have is that of licking their paws. CBD paw balms are an organically produced protectant made with all natural ingredients. Thus, you can safely let your dogs lick their paws if you use CBD to protect them.

5. Vent Out Their Heat

During summer, pavements and driveways can get particularly hot. Dog paw balms can keep dog paws cool and prevent burns from the scorching heat.

6. CBD for Discomfort

CBD paw balms may help to relieve discomfort caused by damaged paws. With the exception of naps, dogs are on their paws 24/7, so they can get easily irritated and cause discomfort. The all-natural properties of CBD for dogs can soothe the pain away so that your dog can make the most of their days.


As mentioned before, taking care of our dog’s paws is an essential part of any dog grooming routine. Dog paw balms can make taking care of their paws a much easier process thanks to their natural, soothing, protective properties. Moreover, in addition to paw balms, CBD products have other numerous uses that can help promote wellness in your pets. If you want to learn more about CBD and how it can help your dog. Read King Kanine’s official blogs regularly.

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2021)

Alayna Mayer Ph.D. has accrued more than ten years of professional veterinary experience. She emphasizes homeopathic care in her practice, but she makes all options known to her patients’ humans so that they can make well-informed decisions about their pets’ health. Email: [email protected]