Globally, around 43% of men and 30% of women suffer from some kind of sexual dysfunction.

This effectively means that four out of 10 men and 3 out of 10 women suffer from some kind of a problem. 

The nature of problems are diverse and are attributed to different reasons. However, the fact remains that the probability of any individual getting affected with some kind of issue is very high.

Many individuals are unaware that they suffer from a problem.

Tips To Get Rid Of Addictive, Unhealthy Sexual Actions

1. Youngsters And Pornography

One of the biggest problems faced today by individuals including a large number of youngsters is the addiction to watching adult content. With the services of Affirmotive sex therapist, you can get rid of your problems easily.

While it is very easy to blame social media or the availability of such content online, it needs to be understood that it affects people who are exposed to certain situations and circumstances in their life.

Many individuals who enter into this cycle of addiction often find it very difficult to come out of it.

In fact, such problems can sometimes turn into more serious issues. An addiction can sometimes become a desire to perform certain activities which can expose the individual to health or legal problems.

2. The Reversible And Treatable Disorder

With the right kind of counseling, it is easy for individuals to come out of problems and lead a very healthy and normal life.

The act of sex is a great way of bonding with a partner and leading a very healthy life. It is only when this act takes on other dimensions that it becomes unhealthy and unsafe.

The main problem is that individuals are sometimes unaware that they are in a problem. And the others who are aware that they have a problem may not come forward to seek treatment.

They may try to deal with it themselves, and this can lead to serious complications. Individuals who avoid seeking assistance are more likely to get drawn deeper into the vicious circle of addiction.

Awareness of addiction needs to be immediately followed up with the right kind of treatment.

3. Hyper And Hypo Sexual Activity

Individuals and families do not find it difficult or uncomfortable to visit a doctor for a physical problem.

However, the same individuals find it very uncomfortable to seek the services of a specialist to get rid of mental and emotional problems.

Any kind of hyper sexual activity or addiction is a disorder. And unlike certain problems, this is fully reversible and treatable with the right kind of counseling.

This does not require the use of medication in most cases and can be quickly dealt with by an experienced counselor.

There are many instances of individuals suffering from a lack of interest in sexual activity. This could be the result of some kind of emotional stress or disorder.

Counseling can provide the answers to such situations, and it is possible to get individuals to come out of their shell and shed their inhibitions to lead a healthy life.

4. Addiction Leads To Other Problems

Persons who end up getting addicted to watching adult content will more often than not, find themselves looking out for stronger content with every session.

The amount of time that is spent on such activities is only bound to increase, and this happens regardless of other commitments in life.

This will become some kind of a primary goal in life with all other activities are commitments moving down the priority list. When addiction to watching adult content reaches such levels, it is a cause for worry both for the individual and the family.

Many families suffer from marital discord because of the addiction of one member of the family to some kind of sexual gratification from channels that are not considered normal.

This could also be activity or indulgence that is beyond normal levels or considered as abnormal, and in some cases, illegal.

5. Understanding The Main Problem Of Addiction

There are many underlying possibilities and reasons for individuals to become addicted to watching adult content or indulging in excessive sexual activity.

This could be because of some kind of abuse at the hands of others at a very early age.

This could also be as a result of living in a family that exposes the child to too much of emotional distress.

This could also be because of the result of and influence from watching certain kind of movies.

An expert counselor will be in a position to help the individual identify the reason behind the addiction or activity.

A large number of individuals who end up getting addicted to some form of sexual addiction has been attributed to abuse in childhood or a negative influence in the formative years. It requires the trained and patient counseling of an expert to be able to understand the reason and solve the problem.

6. The Right Combination Of Therapy For De-Addiction

De-addiction from sexual problems does not always require the use of medication for intervention. Only in very rare cases may it be necessary to use other specialists for intervention. This may be necessary in a very small percentage of cases and is always resorted to when expected results are not forthcoming.

The specialists to whom such cases are referred to are renowned experts with a reputation for the right diagnosis, proper intervention methods that deliver the best prognosis.

The combination of counseling and specialist treatment can help individuals get rid of most cases of compulsive sexual addiction.

After the reason for the problem has been identified it is possible to easily come out of the problem with the right kind of counseling. And this can be achieved without the need for any kind of prescription drugs and medicines.

Only in a very small percentage of cases will it be necessary for individuals to be referred to other specialists for further treatment. And that may involve some kind of diagnostics and prescription medication.

This is actually very rare, with most of the other cases resetting incomplete treatment through simple and effective counseling.

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2020)

Dr. Joshua M. Gleason is a clinical research fellow at Harvard Medical School where he leads teams of healthcare professionals and scientists, overseeing aspects of planning, implementation, evaluation, and the interpretation of clinical trials. In addition to his leadership role, he guides departments in achieving medical and scientific accuracy in the development of pharmaceutical design, while leading publication and presentation efforts of innovative findings in medical journals and national conferences.

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