The Two Different Roulette options and Which One is Best

Born in 18th century France, this popular casino game’s name means “small wheel” in French – a nod to its heritage. No one truly knows who invented the game, but it is speculated that Catholic philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal was the one to invent the game. After its invention, it became part of the gaming traditions in post-revolutionary France.

Another story of the game’s origins is that a variation of the game was first invented in China before it was brought to France. Some historians say that the nuances of the game became influenced by French culture, but the original concept was discovered through contact between the French and Chinese merchants.

The popular casino game has four variations, new forms of gameplay adapted in the US and other countries. The four variations of the game are American Roulette, European Roulette, Casino Roulette, and Rapid Roulette. The two most popular types of roulette at where you can bli med og spill online spilleautomater there are the American and European variants.

Roulette is a game that is purely based on chance. There are various strategies that attempt to improve players’ odds as much as possible, however, there is no guaranteed way to beat the game. Even famed theoretical physicist and mathematician Albert Einstein claimed after searching for a mathematical formula for the game that the only way to make sure you win the game is to steal chips from the dealer when he/she is not looking.

The Two Different Roulette options and Which One is Best

American Roulette

The main difference between this version of roulette and its European counterpart is the way the roulette wheel is designed. The American wheel has a double zero pocket as well as a zero pocket. This effectively increases the house edge as there are more places on the wheel where a player can choose from. The odds when playing the American variety of roulette is 38-to-one.

Another visual difference between the wheels is that the American version’s numbers are placed in a sequence, while the other wheel’s numbers are placed in random order. The American wheel is designed so that the chronological sequence of numbers is opposite to each other. For instance, the nine is across from the ten.

European Roulette

This version is the more authentic version if the game if you believe in the origins of the game being from France. The number on this version of the wheel, range from zero to 36, excluding the double zero as found on the American wheel. This exclusion means that players have a better advantage as the odds are 37-to-one.

The odds may increase, but the stakes decrease. The house advantage in European Roulette is 2.7% (5.27% in the American version). This means that the losses are smaller in this variety if you lose while playing.

In the European version, players are allowed to pay the person that spins the reel to drop the ball from a particular point on the wheel of their choosing. Another additional rule is that after a zero spin, a player can choose to leave their bet “in prison”. This means that the bet will be left on the same space they have originally bet on. This is an attempt to recover the loss.

As it seems, the European version of the game is the better choice to the increased odds and the chance to recover a loss after a spin that landed on a zero. Both games are very popular, and the main difference lies in the design of the wheel. Both games are still up to chance and so either game is worth playing if you come across either version on the casino floor.