Take a minute to think about the most valuable asset you have right now. Is it your house, car or any of your possessions? The amount of cash you have in the bank? When you think about it, the most valuable and indeed most important asset you can have is your bodily health. But did you know that nearly 28 million Americans lack health insurance coverage? This is why you must give adequate protection to your health at all times. So, what are the steps you can take to protect your health?

Why Taking Care of Your Health Is More Important Than You May Think

Fuel Up for More Energy

Just like well-maintained vehicles, a body that is fueled with high-quality ingredients will give you better mileage. Spending more money and time on top-quality medication and treatments can be overridden by making the most out of your daily habits. When you're eating a well-nourished diet, your body will and reward you for it later.

Stand Up and Exercise


It’s time to stop procrastinating and exercise at least 30 minutes each day. You can divide 30 minutes into chunks of ten or even five-minute brisk walking. If you can spare 30 minutes each day and dedicate it fully to do an exercise routine, then well and good. If you can't do so, then you can go for brisk walking for five to ten minutes. Bear in mind that any activity that requires you to move your body is better than doing nothing at all.

Invest in Health Coverage

Sudden health issues can happen when you least expect it. If not prepared, these situations may lead to hefty hospital bills that might take years to pay off. So what happens if you can't afford it? This is why it is very important to invest in health care insurance. In a way, you are protecting your health and your family's finances by getting adequate protection for the future. 

Seeking Prevention is Better than A Cure

When we take care of our body, we lose unhealthy weight, look younger, and our bodies look better. However, aside from a healthy diet and exercise, most individuals forget that bad habits can play a crucial role in your health as well. Smoking, drinking, and the lack of sleep are only some of the unhealthy habits that you should avoid. For one, these activities slowly erode your body’s immune system. Activities like smoking and drinking can also cause you to develop certain illnesses that can become fatal. Be sure to steer clear of these things and you will already have helped the immune system of your body.

Keeping your body healthy and fit will allow you to live longer and enjoy the best that life can offer. Remember that all the worldly possessions you acquire will all be worthless if you fall ill. So, remember to eat healthy, exercise, avoid bad habits, and protect your health for now and for the future.

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2019)

A qualified doctor, Dr. Kyra Russel Jr. is someone who wears many hats, working also as a health writer, author, researcher, and media medic. She is a master communicator who is passionate about putting convoluted health information into words that make the information widely accessible. Her primary interests are child and adolescent health, women’s well-being, beauty, and nutrition.

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