It is true that pet owners love their pet so much that they try to shower love by pampering their furry friends by offering special treats, buying them comfortable bedding and baskets and are ready to do anything that would keep their dogs and cats happy.

However, they must first remember to take good care of their pets to keep them healthy, avoid complications like chronic health conditions and enhance their longevity. 

Before bringing a pet home, it is essential to know the basic of how to take care of your pet to ensure that you are a responsible owner of your four-legged companions. 

How To Take Good Care Of Your Pets

Basic Rules To Take Care Of Your Pet 

As soon as you have chosen a pet based on your lifestyle, it is important to know how to keep your pet clean, what should you feed them, training requirements for the specific breed you have chosen, boarding, etc. to take good care of your dog or cat. To get additional information about pet care, check the link at

1. Provide Wholesome Foods And Clean Water 

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Always make sure that the diet that you give your cats or dogs are prepared with natural foods and has excellent nutrients, essential minerals and vitamins to support in the growth and development of your pet.

Avoiding offering sweet treats to your pets while training or playing, as it can contain sugar-rich ingredients, which can trigger the onset of a serious medical condition like diabetes. Also, avoid giving foods that contain alcohol, onions, caffeine, coffee, and chocolate, as it can make your pet very sick and cause indigestion.

Always provide clean water to your pet and change the water every day while washing the water dish regularly. You can also give the broth of chicken or beef instead of water occasionally.

2. Physical Activity Is Beneficial 

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Exercises should be a part of the everyday activity for your pets, as it helps in keeping them fit, healthy and happy. You can play, hike, run or walk along with your pet every morning or evening to have a fun-filled time and exercise at the same time.

You can also set up a play gym with some of their favorite toys of your pet to help them lose excess body fat and to stay trim. Make sure that you spend at least 20 minutes with your pet in any of the exercising activity to keep your dog healthy and strong.

3. Health Checkups Are A Must 

Unlike humans, animals are not capable of expressing tiredness or pain. They act tired or remain immobile after a disease has reached its severe stage.

So, it is important to take your pet to the vet once a month to perform tests and inspections that might be helpful for detecting the onset of a severe health condition.

Also, fix an appointment with the dentist regularly to prevent tooth decay or infections in the long run. The vet might also suggest a blood test periodically to assess the overall health of your pet.

4. Have A Kit Ready That Will Be Of Use In Emergencies

Many pet owners maintain a kit that is used in emergencies. The kit is certainly one of the most resourceful during emergencies. For instance you need to have a dusting powder in the kit, plus a disinfectant.

Pets are known to run amok in the open or inside homes and are likely to suffer injuries. And depending on how closely you look at your pet everyday, you may not even notice that your pet is injured, and this may sometimes end up with the injury leading to an infection.

A good dusting powder like Negasunt, plus betadine or hydrogen peroxide is certainly a must in the kit. It would be a good idea to check with your vet for any contraindications.

5. Cleaning Wounds With Antiseptic Solution

As pets will most likely try to nurse their wounds themselves, you need to be careful to check for injuries. The moment you locate any injuries, it is necessary that you cleanse the wound. Dilute the hydrogen peroxide and gently clean the wound. Try to remove damaged and dead tissue, but do this gently without causing pain.

After you have cleaned the wound, if you sense any bad odor that indicates an infection, then it would be a good idea to daub some dusting powder. This will prevent the injury from getting infected. Incidentally, you can also use the dusting powder to rid the wound of maggots. 

In case the smell is powerful and you can see maggots, then daub the dusting powder on the wound. In less than ten minutes you will find the maggots being expelled from the wound and dying on the floor. After this, you need to clean the wound again to prevent a relapse of the infection. 

6. Ridding The Pet Of Ticks

Ticks are the eternal pests that torture pets. You need to check your pet for ticks as a matter of routine. And it doesn’t really matter if the pet stays indoors. Run your hand gently through the coat of your pet and if you feel any lumps underneath, you need to seek the advice of your vet. 

While many OTC options are available for removing ticks from your pets, it is always a prudent option to check with a vet so as to prevent any contraindication risks. For instance, ‘spot on’ drops have been regarded as very effective for tackling ticks in pets. 

However, there may be side effects that can only be evaluated by a vet who gets to see the full history and health condition of the pet. When you check for ticks, don’t forget to look in the ears, and the toes. 

Spend time with your pets and ensure that you win the confidence of your pet. Quality time is different from just feeding the pet and going for a walk.

Your pet needs to be loved and cared for, like a companion. Only when you take care of your pet will you be able to enjoy the unconditional love of a pet.

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(Last Updated On: August 24, 2022)

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