Cats are notorious for being independent creatures. While you might have a particularly affectionate cat, it is more likely that you will have to put a bit of work into developing your bond with your feline friend. This is particularly true when you adopt an adult cat as opposed to a kitten.

If you have recently adopted a cat and aren’t exactly feeling the love just yet, there are many things that you can choose to do that will help you strengthen your bond with them. Moreover, such things are likely easier than you might think and can have a truly positive impact on your relationship.

It is important to remember that when you first adopt a pet, there will likely be a period of time when you both will be adjusting to this big change. However, once this period has passed, you can look to take proactive steps towards working on your bond.

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can strengthen your bond with your cat.

Strengthen Your Bond With Your Cat

Check in With Your Vet

The first thing you should do when you adopt a cat is to have them evaluated by the vet to make sure that no underlying medical issues are causing them to experience any discomfort. Your cat won’t be able to tell you if something is going on beneath the surface and might simply act out as a result.

Let your vet evaluate your cat to rule out any medical issues that might be at play. They can then address them right off the bat so that you can help your cat to feel more at home and relaxed with you as their owner.

If you have just adopted a cat and would like to have them evaluated by a vet, you can check out

Learn Their Language

Even if you think that your cat couldn’t be less interested in communicating with you at this point in time, cats actually have a special way of communicating certain things to their owners using their body language. If you want to bond with your cat further and gain a better understanding of what they really think, you should take the time to learn what that communication entails.

For instance, when a cat looks directly into your eyes and blinks at you, they are really communicating their affection for you. If you want to communicate the same thing back, repeat the action to them.

Sometimes, a cat will communicate its trust in its owner by laying on its back and exposing its stomach. Since this is one of the most vulnerable parts of their body, it is a true sign of trust in you as their owner.

It can take some time for your cat to become comfortable enough to be ready to communicate with you in these ways. Be patient as they get used to their new home in order to build a strong bond with you.

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