4 Signs that It is Time to Stop Consuming Alcohol

Many people, as soon as they've have come of legal age think that with adulthood comes the right to drink. But little do they know that this fascination with alcohol can lead to negative effects in your life if not properly controlled.

Read the list below and see if any of them can be applied to you, then make sure to research on how to stop drinking alcohol so that as early as now, you can prevent yourself from being an alcoholic.

4 Signs that It is Time to Stop Consuming Alcohol

1. You drink alcohol every day

One of the warning signs is that you find yourself drinking alcohol every day. You may have started with just a simple sip of wine to go with your meal, or a time to bond with your social circles, but you should know that over time your body will build a tolerance for alcohol and you find yourself wanting to drink daily, even without food, even without the presence of your friends.

If it has gotten to the point that when you wake up, thinking of what you will be drinking at the end of the day, then it is time to take a step back.

2. You consume large quantities of alcohol

Now you may not drink alcohol every day, but you find that whenever you go drinking, whether at home or in a party with friends, you are consuming too much alcohol. If the term binge drinking can be applied to you, you need to stop.

For men, binge drinking means you drink more than five drinks on one occasion, while for women, it would be four or more drinks. This can be in one night when you go to a bar with friends or at a party, and you find yourself consuming a number of drinks in just two or three hours.

3. You've made drinking a priority 

We all have priorities in life. As adults, those priorities can be your career, or perhaps your family and other relationships. But if you find that you would rather grab a drink than do your everyday responsibilities, then it is time to stop consuming alcohol.

Do you find yourself getting a drink at the bar instead of going to the gym to work out? Or perhaps, instead of attending a birthday party for your friend, you would rather spend the night drinking one bottle of wine? If you find that you would rather spend your money buying alcohol than other necessities, that's already a sign that you need to stop consuming alcohol.

4. Your drinking has affected your relationships and everyday life 

One of the biggest signs that it is time to stop drinking is when it has already impacted your everyday life negatively, from hindering you to do your work or affecting your relationships.

If you find your children being neglected, or your friends complain that you no longer spend time with them, it's time to reevaluate and check to see that you are not on your way to suffering from alcoholism.

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)

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