Why Being A Sperm Donor Is No More A Humiliation?

Though our life is complete without another person, it is that addition of another special person in our life makes our life beautiful. When two souls merge as one in the bond called love, then there should be no room for elements that could cause any potential obstructions or unhappiness in taking forward their lives together.

Particularly the absence of a kid in their life, fortunately, this issue is no more a big threat that could pose a potential threat to the bonding. A sperm donor program could simply solve this.

Why Being A Sperm Donor Is No More A Humiliation_

1. Sperm Donor

The sperm donor is referred to the person one who donates his sperm for the sperm donation program. And the sperm will then be principally used for the artificial insemination of a woman who enrolls themselves in the sperm donor program.

Days are long gone where a sperm donor used to request the doctors not to reveal that they are the sperm donors to keep up their name in the society. 

But these days’ hospitals run open sperm donor’s requirement ads with the tag ‘Sperm donors wanted.’ Few sperm donors even list themselves as sperm donors in their social media profiles.

2. The Perception Has Changed

With the drastic improvements in technology and media, it has become common for people to accept different opinions and views of others. The world has begun to realize and accept things that were once thought to be disgrace or dishonor to be carried out in society.

They have begun to understand the deep sentiments and feelings of their counterparts, thus, making sperm donation a very normal act to be carried out.

3. The Importance of Sperm Donation

Though the act of sperm donation may be considered funny or as an unusual thing by few, the result it produces is saving up a relationship and assists in transforming a woman into a mother, a happy mother by artificial insemination. The result of this will be a complete happy family, happily ever after.

Treatments for infertility have become very common in this modern world and have drastically increased in numbers. This increase in infertility is highly due to the stressful nature of an individual’s job. 

4. Tips To Opt For A Quality Sperm Donor

Though the fertility center will take care of all the formalities and proceedings for the sperm donation in a secure way, it is good for you to cross check important information of the sperm donor.

Though the fertility center and also the sperm bank screen in only quality donors cross, check to make sure the donor does not have any genetic diseases or sexually transmitted infections that have a possibility of getting transmitted. You can request the fertility center for the through check up reports of the sperm donor.

Make sure the donor is not a sexually active gay man. In many countries sexually active gay men are prohibited from donating their sperm, including the US. 

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2020)

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