Simple Ways of Securing Your Home

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Sadly, criminals abound in today’s society, and home burglaries are on the rise, be it from random opportunists coming across an empty house, or a seasoned pro who has been watching and waiting. Thankfully there are ways to deter these uninvited guests and here are some simple ways to get your home more secure. More in-depth ideas can be found here:

Simple Ways of Securing Your Home

Secure Your Exterior Doors

Check all your doors that lead outside and make sure they are solid, the hinges are secure and not loose, and that the locks work properly. Should your front door feature a mail slot, make sure it’s far away from any access points that can easily be reached. Many a burglar has utilized the mail slot and a simple stick to reach in and grab keys placed too close to the front door.

Options to improve your doors are to upgrade to a deadbolt locking mechanism and/or using smart locks. These can easily be found online and are simple to install. Consider adding a security gate to your exterior doors. Security gates come in different sizes and designs to suit any home. Security gates with built-in locks are convenient, but those that use padlocks are just as effective and can generally be on the prettier side (but don’t take our word for it!).

Sliding doors are also a very popular method of gaining access to your home. One simple deterrent is to place a dowel rod in the track, behind the opening door, to prevent the door from being slid open.

Video Doorbell

Doorbell video cameras are simple to operate and have many features and generally provide a higher level of security to your home. Potential burglars are less likely to target your home if they see you have a camera installed. They are very affordable and easy to install. Not only will you deter potential criminals, you can screen anyone who rings your doorbell.


Placing metal bars, known as window bars or burglar bars, over your ground floor windows, is an excellent criminal deterrent. Make sure you get nice strong ones, as weaker ones can easily be broken, resulting in access to your home. They come in a range of styles, colors and designs for you to choose from and can be placed on either the inside or outside of your window.

Some come with an easy-release system for those moments when you need to get out quickly, or be used by emergency personnel such as a fireman. Added window security can come in the form of special window locks, which are recommended if you suspect your original window locks are not sufficient.

Another option for your windows is to reinforce them with a window security film. Of course this should be applied with absolute precision, so it has to be installed by a professional.

Window security film also has a bonus feature in that it helps keeping UV rays out in the summer and heat in the winter. Perhaps an underrated consideration for your windows, is placing prickly bushes under them. This should be an easy job for the gardener in your family. Just be sure to keep them extra prickly, watered and trimmed. Also make sure the prickles are safe from inquisitive children.

Use an Alarm System

For a small monthly fee, and a once-off installation fee, you can sign up to have an alarm system installed and monitored in your home. While you can set up a perfectly simple DIY option, there are chances that you can miss something important. Professional setups come at a cost, of course, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

First, you don’t have to lift a finger! What bliss! There’s less chance of there being any errors and if there are, the professional should be able to sort them out without fuss. Once everything is in place, the professional will guide you through the system and instruct you on how to use it correctly. Having armed security at the push of a button — what could be simpler?!

Final Thoughts

Whatever small security upgrades you do to your home will undoubtedly add to your piece of mind. At the end of the day, the safety of your family, your belongings, and your home itself are the priority, as it is where you live your daily life and make memories. By using these simple ways of securing your home, you can ensure that your loved ones and possessions are safe and secure.

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