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Hair serum is usually in the form of a liquid or a gel and is used to get rid of most hair problems. Today's modern man is groomed and needs a men's hair serum to deal with hair frizz, dryness, and roughness. This silicone based product coats the hair surface and gives nutrition value to the curly and dry hair.

The first step to dealing with existing or identified hair problems lies in finding the right serum for men’s hair. There are various brands of these men hair serums available in the market and with the right shopping techniques; it is easy to get one that is efficient. Before acquiring a bottle of quality men's hair serum, the following facts and tips are worth going through.

Top 9 Benefits Of Hair Serum

Why Serum For Men's Hair

1. Enjoy Having Good Hair

For a man to be well groomed, he should have good looking hair to go with his smart outfit and toned body. A single layer of serum is enough to turn a rather bad hair into a good looking hair to last for a day. The protective silicon in the hair serum gets rid of any frizz and leaves the hair looking soft, smooth and silky.

2. Prevent Hair Damages

A weather change is a number one factor that leads to damaged hair. A man's hair will be protected from sun effects with just a single layer of serum. Brittle and breaking hair are some challenges men face as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun and other weather changes.

3. Have Manageable Hair

The modern man would love to have hair that can be managed and styled with ease. Hair serum leaves the hair smooth and soft for easy combing. A layer of hair serum can make any hair to be pliable and simpler to move and style as required.

4. Controls oily Hair

Oily hair is hard to manage and style especially after washing. A layer of men's hair serum will control the oil in the hair and allow a man to have oil free hair for a longer period. Oily hair can be annoying especially on a hot sunny day.

5. UV Protection

A variety of hair serums contain UV protecting elements which is a health benefit. Constant exposure to the sun subjects the hair to UV rays. Regular use of the hair serum gives the hair and the scalp an anti- UV ray's coat which will protect both the hair and the scalp from possible damages.

6. Tame Flyaway’s and Frizz

There are types of hair that poof up with exposure to some weather conditions. It's not possible to change the weather or the hair, but there can be changes in how the hair reacts to the weather. Serum makes this possible, and a man can confidently step out on a bad weather day without fear of flyaway’s and frizzy hair.

Men's hair serum works on each hair strand to smooth out any frizz and create a humidity barrier to block out possible frizz. Quality hair serum will give a man a hair that is locked in shine no matter how bad the weather is.

7. Add Hair Shine

Having a shiny hair is one of the goals of a style sensitive man. With just a lightweight finishing of hair serum, a man will achieve a luxurious shine on his shampooed and conditioned hair. There is no harm in adding a glow to an already shiny hair, and men's hair serum is the best product to achieve this glow.

8. Nourish Dry Hair

Dry hair shows signs of an unhealthy and undernourished hair set. Hair serum will transform a naturally dry hair into a luxuriously nourished hair set.

This is achieved through the application of a little amount of serum before shampooing.

Whereas there are hair oils used to give a nourished hair look, the hair serum does this in a more natural manner.

9. Gives Life To Dull Hair

Regular use of the serum will give a man's hair a lustrous appearance. Most men are faced with hair problems that drain the life out of a good set of hair.

Make a frizzy, rough, dry and unmanageable set of hair regain its healthy sheen. With a little amount of serum rubbed in the hair, tangles and dullness will be a thing of the past.

How To Use Men's Hair Serum

Use a little amount- A little amount of hair serum should be used for a single application. It is important to follow the manufacturer's advice on using minimal amount even for longer or thick hairs.

Do Not Dab-The hair serum should be applied on hair tips and run through the hair shaft heading to the scalp. The serum is not meant to manage the hair roots as it can only work on the hair shafts.

Use After Hair Conditioning-If the hair is to be conditioned, hair serum should be used after the conditioning, and the quantities should even is very little. Hair conditioners are known to affect the serum and make it weak in the long run.

Avoid Frequent Use-The men's hair serum contains chemicals; thus the product should not be used frequently.

Its use should be regulated to a maximum of 3 times in a week. Where the serum is being used on special events, the frequency should be controlled to avoid hair damage.


It's every modern man's desire to have good looking hair irrespective of their age or weather condition they are exposed to.

A hair serum that is of good quality will restore the hairs strength and the shine after exposure to harsh weather or other cosmetic processes. The benefits of using men's hair serum outweigh the cost and the process if good grooming is a thing to go by.

Hair serum can be used as a hair styling tool for the modern man. While it is easier for a woman to use curling tools and heating irons to style their hair, it is not so for a man because these tools have side effects.

The men hair serum is there to fill the gap and give a man an opportunity to style his hair in a natural and safe way.

Finally, hair serums make the hair appear healthy but to have a natural nourished and shiny hair set, healthy eating is recommended.

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