The principles that guide selling kitchenware online are the same ones that guide online sales as a whole because selling is both an art that requires experience and science that follows rules. Today, we’ll use the rules to give you practical tips to sell your kitchenware.

Tips for Selling Kitchenware Online

Online Sales Depends on Traffic

Digital traffic is the lifeblood of online sales, the more people you put your products in front of the higher your chances of selling. But it’s not only about the number of people that see your products, but it’s also about putting your products in front of willing buyers. This is where strategic marketing and advertising comes in.

There are sophisticated methods of marketing that target only the people you need. These methods include SEO, SEM, Social media marketing, and even geofencing. You don’t have to use all these methods, you only need the ones that get the job done.

Online marketing requires specific skills and may prove difficult for those who do not have them. If you are a complete marketing noob, hire the services of a professional marketing agency.

Simplify Purchase

When you get customers to your site, do not punish them by making it hard to buy your products. Optimize your site by making it easy to search for, select, and pay for items. Do not bombard visitors with “sign up” pop-ups and unnecessary ads.

Optimize your checkout page: Make it as easy to checkout as it is to leave your site. Implement a one-click checkout option and optimize your site for cross platforms.

Simplify delivery: Make delivery as easy as possible. List the areas/countries you deliver to, their prices, and estimated delivery times.

Tighten up Customer Service

Make it easy for customers to reach you or an available agent by using a call center. Further, optimize customer experience by implementing an automatic call distributor system like the one offered by Bright Pattern. This automatic call distributor will route callers to the right agent who will handle their requests. This lessens call center queues and ensures callers get a smoother experience.

While call centers are important for customer communications, they are insufficient in handling customer interactions through other channels like social media and SMS. To cater to this, you need a holistic solution to customer service—a contact center. Modern contact centers come equipped with IVR i.e. interactive voice response functionality, artificial intelligence to handle call routing, and CRM integration. And with a cloud-based call center, you can attend to customers after business hours.

Exceeding customer expectations builds trust and a consistently high level of customer satisfaction brings more sales because satisfied customers are the best marketing agents.

Compete on Value

Competing based on value means offering something more than affordable prices. This doesn’t mean that you should cut out the pricing in your marketing efforts. If you can sell your products cheaper than competitors without hurting your profits, you can go that route. You can source your products at discounted prices. There are outlets like Berlinger Haus that sell kitchen and cookware at discounted prices.

Alternatively, you could offer something more than just discounted prices. For example, you could offer free shipping or same-day shipping at a price. You could throw in free cookware for first-time customers or offer a money-back guarantee if customers are unhappy with their product. The point is to attract and retain customers by giving them more than just kitchenware.

Create a Smooth Experience

Site experience affects the customer experience. To enhance site experience:

Simplify site structure: Make it easy to navigate your site. Cross-link your pages and label them appropriately so customers can easily understand the purpose of a page and find the ones they need.

Provide security: This is an issue of trust. Customers don’t trust sites that do not keep their financial information secure. Ensure your site is secure and obtain robust security certificates.

Use analyticsUse analytics, sales funnels, and data graphs to track user behavior and gain insight into customer preferences. For example, if your analytics report shows a high bounce rate on your landing page, it means that the content on that page is not appropriate for your customers and you need to change it.

(Last Updated On: March 11, 2021)

Annalise O'Conner is a Registered Dietitian and Personalized Nutritionist. She is a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, teaching nutrition in the School of Public Health and APAN (Asian Pacific Islander American Network) Email: