Teacup cats have gained traction over the past few years because of their small-sized and adorable nature. While a lot of people have petted them, most people still don’t know that there a few unique facts about them. The following is a quick guide of facts about teacup cats:

A Quick Guide to Teacup Cats

1. They fall under the Persian category

Although teacup kittens are small in size when compared to Persian cats, they are mostly categorized as Persian cats. This is because their characteristics are similar to those of other normal-sized Persian kittens.

2. They don’t grow in size

Teacup cats don’t grow in size even after maturing, as they remain the same size as they were when young. Despite their small size, teacup cats possess a striking personality that will make you fall in love with them more every day.

3. They are children-friendly

Having a teacup kitten in your house around your kid should be the least of your worries in fact, it is an excellent option for cat lovers. This is because they do very well around children and are far from being a threat to your child. Actually, they can be the best pet to get for your child because they can also be very playful around kids.

4. They require special care

The fact that teacup cats don’t grow in size means that they are a special kind of breed and that they are not your average domestic animals. They have to be brushed and washed on a regular base to help protect their skin which may get tender over time if neglected.

5. They are indoor pets

If you are looking to get a pet that will spend most of its time indoors with you, then a teacup kitten is your best option. They are meant to be indoor cats and love being around people, so outdoors for them will not work. You can read this article on teacup cats by kittywise.com and get to understand more about these kittens.

6. Their health is as fragile as they look

It is undeniable that these kittens are adorable and cute animals to pet, but it is also important to know that they are vulnerable. They are susceptible to a number of diseases and other conditions that may be a threat to them, like slow muscles, having underdeveloped reproductive organs, heart murmurs, and shorter lifespans than other normal cats.

7. They don’t carry allergens

Some people don’t like petting cats because of the fact that they carry allergens around, which is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are allergic to cats. This is not the case with teacup kittens because they don’t carry allergens as other cats do, so having a teacup cat poses no risks for allergies.

8. Wrap up

As adorable and small as teacup cats are, there are a few downsides to owning one as a pet. It is important to familiarize yourself with what precautions to take and how to take care of them if you wish to get one as a pet.

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