Calling all wine lovers and enthusiasts! If you love wine and you regularly partake in the act of drinking it, or whether you only drink it for special occasions, this article could be of great use to you. Read on to learn about the ways in which and reasons as to why you should make sure that you are storing your wine correctly.

The Importance Of Proper Wine Storage

1. Wines are usually stored for the long-term

It is important to properly store your wine because, unlike other beverages, wine is typically stored for more than 24 hours and for a long period of time. This means that you should take greater care when it comes to storing your wine, especially if you want to keep it in good condition or if you want the wine to age well. It is important to age your wine for a number of reasons, which will be listed below.

  • Improved mouthfeel – aging wine, particularly red wine, is beneficial and important because it has the ability to give a softer mouthfeel. In the context of wine tasting, mouthfeel refers to the experience of the perception of the weight and/or texture of a wine. Therefore, if you prefer a softer feeling sensation when drinking wine, aging can help you achieve this. This is because during the process of aging, the harsh tannins that are present in youthful/young wines eventually decrease over time. Eventually, the wine will be paler in color, taste softer, and less astringent.
  • Perception of acidity may change – While the actual acidity of the wine will not change during the aging process, the perceived sense that it has done may. This is because, during the aging process, components of the wine (such as tannins and fruits) will become less noticeable, which will have the effect of making the wine taste more acidic.
  • Aged wined is more developed – if you age your wine, the wine will become more complex in terms of flavor. It is important to note also that if you age your wine for too long, it could result in your wine tasting hollow, weak and acidity becomes the overriding taste, which does not taste very good!

So, if you are planning to store the wine for an extended period of time, it is of utmost importance that you store the wine correctly to preserve its flavour and aroma.

2. Wine is perishable

Similar to many other food and drink items, wine is perishable. So, just like you would take care when storing uncooked or cooked meats, fruits, and vegetables, you must reciprocate this care when it comes to wine if you want it to last longer and keep in good condition.

This article has highlighted the importance of proper and effective wine storage. So, if you love wine or are a business owner, you should check out in order to find facilities and storage units that can help keep your wine in the proper and correct conditions when you store them.

Annalise O'Conner is a Registered Dietitian and Personalized Nutritionist. She is a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, teaching nutrition in the School of Public Health and APAN (Asian Pacific Islander American Network) Email: [email protected]