Consuming over-the-counter drugs might be a quick fix for your pain and inflammation. But these drugs aren't meant for prolonged usage. Often these drugs have severe side effects on your health and lead to the development of other health disorders.
Therefore, it is essential to determine alternative methods to control such pain over time. For example, people prefer to use CBD cream for back pain. That is because it is pretty convenient to buy CBD distillate across retail outlets.
In many cases, people tend to get addicted to prescription drugs repeatedly, as these provide instant relief from pain. These are high dosage sedatives, which also have adverse effects on your health.
Therefore, if you are too struggling with such conditions, here is some good news. You can try out different kinds of home remedies to deal with such inflammation and pain. Want to know more? Read along to find such useful home remedies to control such immense pain in your body.

Home Remedies To Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Usage of CBD Products

CBD products have been garnering quite a lot of attention, as these are widely used as pain remedies. These have active ingredients that can calm down the human nervous system, thereby showcasing anti-inflammatory actions on the tissues. Hence, if you manage to use such products in strict dosages for a considerable time, you get relevant results without any side effects.

Essential Oils

essential oils

Another way to cure such immense pain in the body can be achieved by using essential oils. Among the other variants available in the market, the lavender essential oil is the popular one for such purposes.
A 2012 study shows that inhaling lavender essential oil can relieve pain associated with migraine headaches. Also, extensive research reveals that lavender oil has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and antioxidant effects on the body. Other types of essential oils that deserve special mention here include rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint oil.

Cold Therapy

Another popular home remedy that you might have always used for your pain is cold therapy. Applying ice on the affected part of your body tends to slow down the specific area's nerve impulses. As it helps to control the inflammation of the affected area, you get relief from the chronic pain. It is quite effective for arthritis patients.

Warm Salt Solution


After a long workout session, you must have enjoyed dipping your feet in the salt solution. Why not utilize this simple home remedy to control inflammation and pain as well? The scientific explanation behind such treatment includes the fact that salt solution reduces edema by osmosis.
And when you use it with warm water, the warmth tends to loosen the knots in your tired muscles, thereby controlling the soreness in that region. As it helps to prevent such inflammation, you tend to get appropriate relief from your body pains.

Honey Milk and Turmeric

turmeric and ginger

One of the best home remedies available for you in your kitchen only is the mixture of turmeric and honey milk. People have used the combination over the centuries as both turmeric and honey works seamlessly for many health conditions. The presence of curcumin in turmeric displays anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on your tissues. It also has significant healing effects which control the soreness in muscle cells.

Final Words

These are a few of the effective home remedies by which you can control body pains and inflammation in the tissues. But in case the soreness or the pain persists, it is advisable to consult a physician immediately. Such pain in your body can also be the early symptoms of some other health disorders. Hence, make sure not to overlook such signs ever.

Do you have any other suggestions to add to this list of home remedies for curing pain without any side effects? If so, why not share such views with the readers here?

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2021)

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