8 Ideas That Will Make Your Furry Friend Smile

New Times, New Options

I’ve always loved animals. I had a schnauzer for the last 10 years, but he passed a little while back leaving my life with a void. He was the sweetest and even came from a shelter. He came from a less than perfect situation and had an uneasy demeanor. Well, I decided to get another little furry friend, and weirdly enough this little guy has the same personality. He’s super attached, jumpy, and just uneasy most of the time. Thankfully, these days there is safe, tested CBD to give to your pets to help them on a daily basis. I can’t express how much my new fur baby looks like he’s actually smiling! 

8 Ideas That Will Make Your Furry Friend Smile


Another thing I like to do for my fur baby is take him along for a cappuccino. Well, for him it’s a puppychino! His little face perks up and his tail goes crazy when we pull up to Starbucks (great, now two of us have an addiction). It’s a good way to spend some quality time with your furry friend and do some people watching. This is also a great way to try to train your pup to be calm around people. This is something we are working on because he literally jumps out of his fur when someone walks by. So, when he can keep it together, slide him a little treat to let him know he’s doing great!

Nature Walk

After you’re done with coffee you can head to a local park for a walk. We love to go to a nearby hiking trail and immerse ourselves in nature.There are little creeks, waterfalls, and flowers that he loves to smell. Proper exercise is beneficial for both you and your pup so don’t neglect that aspect of care


Having a pup that is a little shy has prompted me to try to help him be more social. How do you do this? You can call up your local Petsmart or Petco and ask about social hours. They have puppy play dates for the little ones and even doggie day camp for older dogs. The doggy day camp is only $16 a day, so that’s a great way to get them out to have some fun. It’s also super cute to see that they make friends. My pup even has a bestie, Jacob!


Do you remember being a kid and making your own popsicles? Maybe I was a weird kid,  because I loved making popsicles out of pickle juice? Your pup might not like that as much, but there are some other great options. So, for those hot summer months do that with your pup! It’s easy to combine any fresh pureed fruit with yogurt and freeze it for them for a cool, quick treat. 

New Toys (I know, duh)

Not only do pups need physical exercise, but they need mental stimulation as well. You can find some great options on Amazon or you can make up your own brain games. Kong’s are pretty popular, but there have been some mixed reviews, so do your own research to see if they are a good fit for your pup. You can take a toy and place it in an area that he/she has to think a little bit to figure out how to get it. Sometimes, I like to mix it up and take a milkbone smeared with peanut butter and do it that way. Watch their motivation jump through the roof! 


This may sound rudimentary, but pups thrive from routine. It creates a balanced feeling in their lives and they will look to you to keep that balance for them. Every morning at 7am my pup is standing by his bowl, and every evening at 7pm; he is staring through my soul trying to make sure I get that bag of food from under the sink. So, a set time for feeding, walks, and playtime is ideal. 

Help Them Cool Off In The Summer Months

It seems like no matter where you live, thanks to global warming, summer months are heating up everywhere and the pups are feeling it like the rest of us. Remember those cheap plastic kiddie pools we all use to kick around in and act like we were actually swimming? Well, turns out those are a great resource for dogs that live in the backyard. My in-laws have a pitbull that has a little house in the backyard, and in the summer months they add the little kiddie pool to his house for him to cool off when needed. 

This list could go on forever. There are so many ways to keep your pup smiling and happy to be by your side. Be creative and make up your own ideas. The chances are your furry friend will love whatever you come up with because YOU came up with it! 

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2021)