6 Ways to Make Sex Feel Better

While sex is great in and of itself, there are plenty of ways to make it even more pleasurable for your partner and you. There are many factors that influence how you perform sexually, including hormones and changes to your neurological or circulatory functioning.

By understanding the physical and emotional elements that come into play during sex, you can transform your sex life into something truly magical. Here are some effective ways to make sex better:

Ways to Make Sex Feel Better

Enhancement Devices

Many people will agree that size doesn’t matter. It’s more about what you can do with what you’ve got. However, most people also will agree that a bigger penis is more sought after.

Actually, penis size matters more to the man. For a man, having a small penis can sometimes cause your confidence to dwindle. Lowered self-confidence can have a major impact on sexual performance.

If you’re a man and you’re packing less than you want to, consider using a penis extender. MyMaleEnhancementGuide.com has a great guide to penis enhancers. Read their reviews to see how the device can benefit you and how to use it safely.


People sometimes neglect to use lubrication because they think that natural lubrication is enough. If your partner is experiencing vaginal dryness, engaging in sexual intercourse will just be painful. 

Using a lubricating liquid or gel will make the experience much more pleasant for both of you. If even the lubricating substances don’t work, it may be time to consult a doctor. 

Kegel Exercises

Both women and men can derive a lot of benefits from pelvic floor muscle exercises. To do these exercises, simply tighten the muscle that you would if you were trying to hold back your urine. Hold this contraction for a few seconds and then release. You should repeat this exercise about 10 times and do about five sets during the day.

These exercises are convenient because they don’t require any equipment. Plus, you can do them just about anywhere. Women do have the option to use vaginal weights for increased resistance.

Talk about Expectations 

One thing that a lot of sexual partners neglect to do is simply discuss their sexual expectations. Lots of time, two people will have very different sexual fantasies. Failing to talk about these can lead to uninteresting sex.

Take some time to talk to your partner about their wildest fantasies and even ask them what they don’t enjoy. Having an intimate discussion like this may surprise you. You might even find that both of you are willing to experiment in unexpected ways.

Pleasure Yourselves

One unique way to build intimacy is actually to masturbate in front of your partner. Allowing them to see how you pleasure yourself and where you like to be touched puts you in a vulnerable position. Masturbation is also known to improve your mood or relieve you of any stress you may be experiencing.

Doing this can increase your sexual drive and encourage curiosity about what your partner likes and dislikes. People know their own bodies better than they know other people’s bodies. You can learn a lot from watching your partner pleasure themselves.

Watch an Erotic Movie

Watching an erotic movie together is another way to learn about your partner’s desires and sexual fantasies. There’s plenty of websites that have couple-friendly erotic movies. Explore these websites and you may find that you enjoy sharing that experience with your partner.

This will be an activity that both of you can do together to build intimacy and discover new things about each other. You may even learn about a new position that you’d like to try together.