Tips To Lower The Cost Of Being A Dog Parent

Rightly said by Roger Caras, “Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”

Commonly referred to as man’s best friend, Dogs are the most beautiful creation of God. They have not only made the world a beautiful place to live in but way much better. Now, who would not like to feel gratified by seeing those sparkly eyes, wagging tail, and extremely exciting jumps? 

No doubt having a dog brings immense joy in the life of their owner, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities too (of course the duties we all love to be accountable for). One has to take care of their dog while keeping a check on his routine, health, and other expenses. People who already are a proud pet parent will understand this better. 

But if you are looking forward to becoming a pet parent, then you should be ready and able to manage their expenses too. 

Well, keeping in mind the considerable expense that comes along with the little bundle of joy, this guide will walk you down to a few tips consider which you can lower the cost of being a dog parent.

Tips To Lower The Cost Of Being A Dog Parent

Now before we jump on the tips, you need to know that giving the best care to your dog does not necessarily mean that you need to go for the expensive options always. So, here is how you lower the cost of owning a dog. 

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#1. Go For Adoption Over Buying

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Adopting a little ball of fur from a local rescue unit or an animal shelter will help you save a lot of money, which you would have otherwise spent on buying one. 

One of the best things about adopting a dog is the sense of satisfaction you feel when you save a life or give a new life to someone in need. So, if you are considering becoming a dog parent, you may choose to adopt over buying. 

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#2. DIY Dog Grooming

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If you adopt a short-haired dog, then he doesn’t need much grooming. But if you fall in love with a long-haired pooch, then you might need to spend a considerable amount of money on his grooming. 

But you can save a lot of money by learning to take care of the basic grooming needs, including bathing, brushing teeth, brushing coat, and clipping nails. 

You may also go through DIY tips for grooming a dog at home.

#3. Find Dog Food Deals

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The diet of your dog is one category in which you would not like to compromise, and the good quality food calls for a considerable expense. But, don’t worry because you can find affordable food options with whole fresh ingredients on the top of the list. You can save money on dog food and other supplies by signing up for a loyalty rewards program.  

You may also consider doing proper research of various dog food brands and switch to the one that provide genuine quality dog food products at affordable prices.

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#4. Maintain Your Dog’s Weight

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Many health issues like heart disease, arthritis, etc. are linked with the weight of the dog. So, you must consider keeping your dog at a healthy weight since obesity in dogs can lead to much higher cost in taking care of their health. 

You must start by avoiding overfeeding your dog because it may eventually result in increasing their weight. Also, make sure that you provide a healthy diet to your dog along with regular exercise to save those extra bucks which you would otherwise spend on their medical bills.

#5. Use Low Cost Vaccine

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Another way with which you can lower the cost of being a pet owner is by reducing the cost spent on vaccination. No doubt it is essential to keep your pet up to date on certain vaccines. It will help you to keep the dog stay away from health issues like rabies, etc. To do the vaccination at a minimum cost, I recommend you to look for some local pet stores because most of the vet’s office are expensive.

Taking a regular check-up or vaccine on local pet store or shelters will not only help you to make your pet get rid of health issues but also saves you money.

So, get ready to take the vaccination and keep your dog up to date without breaking your bank.

#6. Do Not Spend on Pet’s Treats 

Pet treats can be offered to pets once in a while but shouldn't be provided on periodic intervals as they not only cost high but possess low nutritional value. But, if you still want to offer your furry pals some delicious delighted meals, prefer making treats at home adding essential ingredients required in a dog's diet.

Homemade dog food is a worthy option to keep your pets away from allergies and adulterated (preservatives-rich feed) food, which further helps you to maintain their diet and health.

Wrapping it Up

Owning a dog is a big responsibility as you need to make a considerable amount of expenses. Moreover, it will help you to give a healthy and happy life for both you and your pet. No doubt having a dog calls for a lot of responsibility and expense. Still, if you will keep the above tips in mind then hopefully you will be able to become a responsible pet parent without spending extra bucks. 

Thus, if you want to be a successful and caring dog owner while being easy on your pockets, don’t forget to consider the information as mentioned above. 

So what is holding you back now? Give proper facilities to your dog while lowering its cost and become the best dog parent. 

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2019)