As it grows to affect millions of people across the world, Diabetes is a chronic disease that can cause very serious conditions. Many people who have diabetes and have failed to change their lifestyles or get it under control have been diagnosed with other diseases like blindness, kidney failures, and heart diseases. During diabetes, a patient's blood sugar levels are too high for their well-being.

Many people still aren’t knowledgeable about their disease. And at least a fourth of the people who have diabetes has no idea that they do. You can have high levels of blood sugar but they may not be high enough to be diagnosed with diabetes and this is usually called pre-diabetes. There are many things you can do to help prevent this disease if you have it or are close to getting it. As time goes on and the way we intake food changes, many endocrinologist positions are in demand due to the increase in people with diabetes.

To drastically change your health condition, you must change the way you live and treat your body. What we eat and put in our bodies determine how healthy we are and how well our bodies will function presently and in the future. From changing diets to lifestyle habits, people of all ages and conditions can help prevent diabetes or even reverse it. With the dangerous effects that come with this condition, you should want to change your lifestyle for the better. 

Lifestyle Changes to Help Prevent Diabetes

1. Cut Sugar and Refined Carbs.

Many people believe that lots of sugar can give you diabetes and they aren’t wrong. Eating a lot of sugary foods and carbs can put people at risk of getting diabetes. Even those who are on the track to this condition may make matters extremely worse by continuing to intake sugary foods.

These foods are broken down into smaller sugar molecules that are absorbed into your bloodstream. Your body tries it’s hardest to pull your blood sugar levels down with insulin and if your body produces too much insulin, it could lead to type 2 diabetes. Try replacing your sugary foods with healthier substitutes.

2. Exercise Frequently.

Female Jogger on Coleman Avunue in Morro Bay, CA 5-2-07 - Photo by Mike Baird Canon 20D 100-400mm IS lens handheld from an outrigger canoe.

The more you exercise the stronger your body gets. With diabetes you want to have a strong body and through exercise you burn off the necessary calories and fats to lead you to a healthier life. Try to stay active throughout the day to help prevent diabetes. Exercise will lessen the amount of work your body has to do to release insulin to make your blood sugar levels decrease as it allows more sensitivity to insulin within your cells.

There are many active exercises that you can do to help prevent diabetes like, aerobics, interval training, and even yoga. Make sure to stick with your exercise and choose something that you will enjoy doing frequently.

3. Make water your favorite drink.

drinking water

Drinking more water should be implemented in many people’s daily lives. While having diabetes it’s important to cut out extra sugar and drink more water. By making water your favorite drink, you will drink more of it. It is the most natural drink you can put in your body that will help it thrive.

Water helps your body control insulin levels and brings your blood sugar levels down. You reduce the risk of diabetes when you choose to make water a primary beverage in your life. This lifestyle change will not only benefit your health regarding diabetes but your skin, hair, and overall energy levels as well.

4. Quit Smoking.

Smoking causes many serious health diseases and conditions and you don’t want to have to worry about other medical conditions while you’re dealing with diabetes. Smoking increases the possibility of getting diabetes and leads to higher risks of type 2 in those who already have the condition.

Cutting out cigarette will lead to a better overall life and a healthier body. Over time the risk of diabetes will dissipate and you will live a healthier live. These unhealthy lifestyle habits harm you more than they help you and choosing to quit will make you happier.

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5. Minimize Processed Foods in Your Diet.

Processed foods are becoming more common as the demand for food increases. People enjoy the thought that their food won’t expire on them in a few days, but the after effects that processed foods have on your body and health can be dangerous.

Along with diabetes, processed foods are linked to critical conditions like heart disease and obesity. Try to stay away from the foods that are high in vegetable oils or unhealthy additives to decrease the risk of this disease. Focus on natural vegetables and fruits, and other nutritious food selections.

6. Drink more Tea.

chamomile tea

Herbal teas and coffee have been seen as aids in decreasing and preventing diabetes. To avoid this condition, consume teas that are caffeinated and have antioxidants. The more tea people drink the less likely they are at getting diabetes. Herbs like green tea have polyphenols that help open up your arteries which helps decrease the number of blood clots, blood pressure levels, and cholesterol.

Glucose in the body is what contributes to diabetes and drinking more antioxidized drinks help prevent and control the disease. Your metabolism will work more efficiently and function more properly. 

7. Consider Natural Herbs.

herbs-thyme leaf

Natural herbs also help increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin and reduce the possibility of diabetes. There are many herbs and home remedies out there for those seeking help with their diabetes. Herbs like curcumin are in the spice called turmeric. You can put this in many dishes and it prominent in curries. It is used in India as one of their main spices as it contains anti-inflammatory properties that decrease resistance your body may have regarding insulin.

Think about including the herb berberine in your diet as well to help prevent serious conditions like diabetes. This herb helps create healthier hearts and lowers cholesterol counts. Some even say that this herb is more effective in lowering blood sugar levels than the medication given called metformin.

Other natural herbs to include in your diet to ensure a healthier life and the prevention of diabetes are:

8. Increase Fruits and Vegetables.

Zesty fruit Home Remedies


Increasing the amount of vegetable and fruit intake will help you in preventing the possibility of an increase in diabetes. Many people tend to eat a lot of starchy foods and neglect the need for healthy veggies and fruits to have a healthier life. 

There are so many types of non-starchy foods out there and if you find the ones that you like you won’t have any issue including more of it into your new diet. This is one of the hardest things for people to do when trying to change their lifestyles for the better, but if you stick to it you won’t have to worry about living with the struggles of diabetes your whole life. 

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2020)

A qualified doctor, Dr. Kyra Russel Jr. is someone who wears many hats, working also as a health writer, author, researcher, and media medic. She is a master communicator who is passionate about putting convoluted health information into words that make the information widely accessible. Her primary interests are child and adolescent health, women’s well-being, beauty, and nutrition.