The Top 3 Things You can do to Keep Stray Cats Off Your Property

Many households have cats that are already considered a part of the family. They are after all great pets for people of all ages. But stray cats are another thing. They can prove to be dangerous and you must guard your property so that they will keep off it. If you do not know how to do so, here are some great tips you can follow in case you have a stray cat problem in your area.

Top 3 Things You can do to Keep Stray Cats Off Your Property

1. Remove the food source 

The top reason that cats may be going to your property is that of the food they can eat at your property. If your whole block does not keep your trash secure, then it would be inevitable that stray cats might find their way to your homes.

In your own property, make sure that your trash is secured properly inside the trash bag, and that when it is placed inside the trash can, it also sealed tightly and cannot be opened by any animal.

If you do not have a container with a lid, consider investing in one as it securing your trash will not only keep stray cats but other animals as well.

If you have your own pets at home and you put food and water in their food bowls outside the house, consider just feeding them inside or, remove the container as soon as your pet is finished eating or drinking. 

2. Install an automatic sprinkler system 

Another reason that stray cats may be going to your property is that they are using your garden as a litter box. This can be very irritating when you find your flower beds and the rest of your garden has been dug up and contains cat feces.

One effective way of keeping stray cats away is to install some chicken wire over your plants, as cats don't like walking on them. But if you want something more effective, just install a sprinkler system. Get those that turn on automatically when movement is detected.

Cats hate getting wet and soon they will leave your property alone. The sprinkler can also be convenient for you as you do not need to water your garden yourself. 

3. Install a modern cat repellant 

if you would like a more modern take on how to keep cats away, consider getting a modern cat repellant. In the past, homeowners would simply use plants like rue, lavender and the scaredy cat plant. But if you do not want to use that or the automatic sprinkler, a modern cat repellant is the answer.

The modern cat repellant uses innovative technology, such as ultrasonic waves, to keep stray cats off your property. Some great models feature a really wide range that can cover even big yards or gardens. They are not only able to detect motion but even body temperature as well. 

When the device is triggered by a stray animal, it will emit a high-frequency sound that will scare off the cats and make them think twice about invading your property again the future. 

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2021)

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