Waterproof Sunblock: Jacket Sunscreen Review

Jacket Sunscreen Review

What do you look for in your sunblock? These days, consumers demand more from their sunblock—and they should. The most essential feature of any product when it comes to protecting your skin is its ability to be water-resistant. The majority of us wear sunblock when heading to the beach, pool, lake, or any other kind of water, and it makes sense that manufacturers should focus on creating a formula that can resist coming off when we go into the water.

Unfortunately, not all sunblock products are created equal. Cheap sunblock will run and streak after application, refusing to hold up to when we go into the water or when we are sweating. Some sunblock products may not streak, but will become unknowingly less effective when we swim or are exposed to water.

If you are familiar with being at the pool or beach for a long period of time, then you are probably aware that the water intensifies the effects of the sun. Water molecules act like magnifiers for the sun, and that means getting burned easier and more quickly when you are swimming or floating in the pool. With skin cancer being on the rise and having the ability to affect every one of us, you don’t want to take a chance with just any sunscreen.

We recommend using Jacket Sunscreen. The formula behind Jacket has been thoroughly researched and developed by specialists to create a sunblock that is not only water-resistant, but sweat-proof, too. We don’t just take a dip in the pool during the day, but we sweat, a natural response to being beneath the hot sun, regardless if we are sitting around on the beach or playing sports. Even if you don’t plan on going into the water, you will still sweat, and this is precisely the reason why you should always select a sunblock that is waterproof.

Jacket Sunscreen SPF50Plus

Because Jacket can stand up to high intensity workouts where sweating is imminent, it can also stand up to being in the water without streaking or losing its effectiveness. Jacket has a clinically designed formula that is unlike other sunscreens. It penetrates the skin cells to offer ultimate UV coverage while also repairing any skin damage from the sun with vitamin C and E.

Jacket Sunscreen is made for the water. With athletes in mind, Jacket Sunscreen stays on during surfing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, and even just floating in the pool. Jacket Sunblock will also hold tight if you sweat a lot, still offering protection from UV rays even if you feel like you might perspire it all off.

For the best waterproof sunblock, we would advise nothing less than what Jacket provides. Other sunblock products won’t last in and out of the water, especially if you sweat or don’t constantly reapply. With Jacket, you can apply the product once to two times and enjoy the sun protection in the water or during rigorous sports, without worrying about it coming off. Jacket is available online on the official website.