How To Beat Casino Slots: Cheats Vs Strategy

If you have recently started playing online slots at King Casino like so many people have, then you may well be surprised to discover that they have been around for years.

The first-ever slot machine actually dates back to 1895. This along with what we have today proved very popular with the public. In fact, modern slots still use the basic concepts of this early prototype.

The major technological breakthrough that changed the world of slots forever came with the first electrical slot machine that was called Money Honey. This was introduced to the public back in 1963.

It wasn’t until 1996 when further advancements in technology led to the introduction of video slots.

These versions of the slot machine catered for a new age of highly sophisticated gamers who demanded more than a reel spin from their entertainment.

Video slots offered a more immersive gaming experience that involved advanced computer graphics and more special bonuses and features than ever before.

It is not clear why slots are so popular but it can be linked to their unpredictability and the possibility that anyone can win at any time with any spin. Then there is the added thrill of winning potential jackpots, some of which are life-changing.

However, what changed the gambling landscape completely was the invention of the internet. This created a digital world that could be accessed at the touch of a button via a computer and internet provider.

The gambling industry never misses an opportunity to expand and wisely took full advantage of this new online platform.

The reason the gambling industry is so successful is that it adapts to change and utilizers advancement in technology promptly.

With this in mind, it was no surprise to see the first online casino touch down and open its virtual doors to the public in 1996.

Casinos and the internet proved to be a match made in heaven. As the internet became more and more popular, the appeal of casinos dramatically increased too.

Eventually, the big gambling institutions began to move segments of their operations online. The biggest winner of this gambling revolution was slot games and this remains the case even today.

Software and game developers are now concentrating on slots to meet the demands of the ever-multiplying online casinos.

As time passes these games become more and more sophisticated and mimics the immersive experience of console gaming.

Online slots have become so popular that they are now the number 1 revenue creator for the gambling industry.

The major role of online slots in the world of gambling is to cater to those whose interests lie away from traditional forms of gambling. These include sports betting and casino games like Roulette and Blackjack

Another important factor is that online slots are highly accessible and you do not need to physically attend a casino or betting office to play your favourite games.

Research suggests that the anonymity of online gaming is a major factor as to why gambling online has become so popular.

This can be done from the comfort of your own home, on computers or laptops, or on the go on mobile devices such as smartphones.

The simplicity of slots is also very appealing as all you have to do is spin the reels and let the Random Number Generator, that creates each spin, do the rest.

Can A Random Slot Machine Be Beaten?

Another appeal of slots is that they are easy to play unlike some table games where you have to second-guess your opponent’s next move.

However, is there a strategy that gamers can bring to the slots table or even a cheat shortcut to winning?

Where cheating is concerned, the days of being able to manipulate a slot machine are long gone. If there was a way to cheat them then the digitalization of all slots has put an end to this.

Now the Random Number Generator creates all the spins and their outcomes and this processor cannot be tampered with.

The only way you can cheat a slot machine is by winning on free spins and free welcome bonus cash that online casinos offer new players. Most bonuses and free spins come with wagering requirements attached.

This means that you have to play through bonus money or free spin winnings a certain number of times before you can withdraw any winnings.

If you are really fortunate some casinos allow you to keep the free spin wins without any wagering whatsoever.

Otherwise, there are no cheating methods available in this new digital slots age.

You can, however, increase your chances of winning by having a slot strategy. Setting yourself a cash limit to bet with may not help you win, but it will prevent devastating loses. Withdrawing winnings as you go also prevents you from losing all your winnings.

Set a target and once this has been reached, bank your winnings regularly otherwise you could leave the casino empty-handed.

Setting wagering limits and loss limits can help prevent major loses too. If you cannot afford to be a high roller then do not play like one.

Another great strategy is to do some homework on the slot games available. Before you make a single cash bet, study the RTP or Return Player Percentage of each game. Those with the highest percentage return most money back to the player per real cash wagered spin.

Obviously, none will hit 100% but 95% or higher means that even though the house will still have the edge over you, it is not as big as it could be with other more volatile slots.

Finally, always check the settings on slot machines, some are automatically set on a certain bet level. Ideally, all slots should be set on the minimum bet to prevent people from making high stake spins by mistake.

You can also decrease bet lines on some games to make your cash last longer and increase your chances of winning small amounts often.

With these strategies in place, all you need is a slice of luck to help you on your way.

Mark Robards

    Mark Robards

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