Students forget about taking care of their health when it comes to deadlines. They eat junk food because there is no time to cook at home, they don’t drink enough water because a bottle always adds weight, we don’t sleep eight hours every night because there are assignments and their deadlines.

Best 10 Home Remedies Every Student Should Know

In other words, we violate our mental and physical health to have everything done on time. However, the resources of your body are limited. Sooner or later it ends up with a disease, headache, flue, general exhauster, backache, or other. How to overcome such a state at home?

1. Ginger, honey, citrus, kiwi for flue

ginger and lemon

First of all, if you have flu, stay at home for at least three days. You don’t want to spread bacteria among your group mates and tutors, and they don’t want it either.

Once having 72 hours, spend at least 30 of them for sleeping.

Home remedies for flu include a cocktail with ginger 50-100g, citrus 200g, and kiwi 200g by putting the ingredients into a blender with water.

Blend the mixture and add water. Drink the mix during the day, add honey for the taste. It will bring you back to life in a few days.

2. Head massage with a boiled egg for a headache and running nose


It can be anything that has a proper temperature of 40-50 degrees that you can put to your sinuses. Warmth helps you to deal with the flu and release pain. Moreover, if you are a student, this pain is doubled because of academic tasks.

However, head massage is one of the best home remedies for sinus troubles accompanied with a severe headache. 

The best time for the massage is before going to bed.

3. Water with lemon for fever

lemon juice

Fever itself is not a disease. It is the evidence that your body is experiencing hard times fighting bacteria or viruses. All you need to do is to help your body deal with it by not trying to lower the body temperature.

Drinking plenty of water will help to get rid of all the toxins faster. It is recommended to have up to five liters every day.

Water with lemon juice will give your body natural support for fighting viruses.

4. Propolis as an antibiotics


Before taking antibiotics, use propolis as natural protection. For a sinus infection, rinse your sinus; gargle for a sore throat.

Propolis is a bee product. It is a mixture of sap, beeswax, and discharges.

Polyphenols in propolis are antioxidants that fight damage and disease in the body efficiently. Propolis cream is used against genitals herpes as well. 

5. Calcium for irritative mood


If you feel like killing someone because of lack of sleep, hunger, exhaustion, there is one of the best home remedies for students which you should memorize and use. 

10 grams of calcium per day will help you to be more patient. You can find your portion in dairy food, as well as in:

  • Leafy greens
  • Broccoli
  • Sardines
  • Almonds

6. Hot bath for a backache


First, you have to admit to yourself " if you have one assigned by your tutor.

Take a warm, relaxing bubble salt bath.

Put some aroma lamp, aroma candle, and good music to make sure that every single muscle is relaxed. Once you feel it, backache will disappear.

7. Turmeric for cleansing and healing


Turmeric is a “holy powder” of India. Compound curcumin stops bacteria from multiplying.

Dab a little turmeric on your wound or scratch if you don’t have any other sanitizer.

Applying the powder with and without the water is possible. Let it dry and put a dressing for the healing process.

8. Peppermint plus lemon for nausea


When you feel like eating something wrong, hangover, or if you are pregnant, nausea is a part of your natural state. However, it may seriously affect productivity.

The first thing to is to make peppermint aromatherapy or put some peppermint aroma oil to a wrist and behind ears. An inhaler is another convenient option. Drinking plenty of water is the must. Lemon would be a plus.

9. Water plus lemon juice is an nergizer for drowsiness

Lemon Juice

The best way to deal with drowsiness is to sleep. Take a glass of water right after wake up, do exercises, and take a contrast shower. If these methods are too extreme or give no effect, take a glass of water with the fresh juice of half a lemon. It not only cheers up but also wakes up the body better than caffeine.

10. Beat the clock for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

It often happens that your brain works faster than your ability to write, read, or memorize. Many students supper from hyperactivity. It is a pleasing trait, but sometimes it keeps students from concentrating on a single task. To boost the concentration skills, keep your clock and practice the Pomodoro technique.

Annalise O'Conner is a Registered Dietitian and Personalized Nutritionist. She is a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, teaching nutrition in the School of Public Health and APAN (Asian Pacific Islander American Network) Email: [email protected]

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