Healthy living is the best gift we can give to ourselves and our families. It not only prolongs life but makes it happier and peaceful as well. A healthy lifestyle starts from our homes and from how we treat our bodies. There are various sources of information on healthy living today; from content on the internet to health lessons that you can take.

Home Care Tips for Healthy Living

    1. Get enough sleep

Our bodies need rest for some physical processes as well as mental processes to occur. Sleeping slows down some processes such as heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and respiration to conserve energy. Brain activities responsible for physical growth, however, take place during sleep. It is essential to get the required amount of sleep for the body to function well. Ensure that your environment is conducive for sleep. Avoid noisy surroundings and bright lights since they reduce sleep quality.

    2. Drink Water

drinking water

Adequate water intake has always been advised and recommended by medics, nutritionists and fitness instructors for its numerous benefits. Drinking water often helps to improve your mood, lose weight and boost immunity by preventing diseases such as kidney stones. Majority of the functions in our bodies require water as it fuels chemical reactions by acting as a solvent as well as a medium of transporting nutrients and removing toxins. Therefore, ensure that you always have a bottle of water with you to keep you hydrated.

Unlike the plastic bottles that are unhealthy, go for a double walled stein water bottle, these have numerous benefits and are cool to carry.

    3. Avoid Sugary Drinks

cane sugar

When trying to lose weight, one is always advised to stay away from sugary food since they cause weight increase. Liquid sugar, however, increases the risk of one having obesity and fatal conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. You consume more sugar when drinking a sugary beverage than when eating solid food with sugar because they are more concentrated with sugar than the solid food. As a result, you will absorb the concentrated sugar that could lead to several diseases if drank regularly. It is vital, therefore, to avoid these drinks and replace them with healthier fluids like water.

    4. Eat healthily

Good nutrition is a crucial aspect of healthy living. To stay healthy, you should always watch what you eat. Avoid sugary food and instead opt for healthier foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and healthy protein. Ensure that you have a properly balanced diet with high nutritional value for every meal. Cook your meals and avoid junk food for their unhealthy fats and refined carbohydrates for their low nutritional value. Preparing your meals will help you use healthy cooking oils such as olive oil that is known for its numerous health benefits.

    5. Exercise


Regular workouts help to keep one fit and active. It boosts energy levels by enhancing the ability of the cardiovascular system to supply nutrients to every organ and muscle. Exercising also strengthens muscles thus improving our ability to do manual work without having back pains. If you are trying to lose weight, exercising combined with a healthy diet can be very helpful. Add jogging to your morning routine and live a healthier and more active life.

    6. Limit salt intake

Like sugar, salt intake should be limited. Too much salt can lead to cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Therefore, ensure that the products you use have minimal sodium content. You can also replace salt with spices that give the same salty taste to food. Avoid having salt on your table during meals to avoid the urge to add it to food.

In conclusion, healthy living is our responsibility. Choices as simple as what we eat or how we sleep have a great impact on our health. We should hence be careful with what we put into our bodies and in our homes.

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2020)

A qualified doctor, Dr. Kyra Russel Jr. is someone who wears many hats, working also as a health writer, author, researcher, and media medic. She is a master communicator who is passionate about putting convoluted health information into words that make the information widely accessible. Her primary interests are child and adolescent health, women’s well-being, beauty, and nutrition.