History of slot machine symbols

The first slot machine was unveiled in 1891 and invented by Sittman and Pitt. It had five rotating drums, which was later updated to three in 1895 by a Mr Charles Fey. This gave more chances of winning as less combinations could be made with the cards, meaning more would match up. It was Fey who also introduced new symbols to the slots. 

Across the years, slot machine symbols have varied in order to get around laws, or to depict a brand logo. Now, at the most exciting time for slots, symbols come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and an online slot symbol can be pretty much anything - learn more.

How and when slots symbols were introduced

Laws had been introduced to stop people from gambling with the rise of the slot machine. This changed when a man named Charles Fey simplified the design and with it introduced new symbols which became iconic. You can still find these symbols with some online slots.

Before Fey introduced new symbols, the traditional slot machine featured playing cards. The new symbols were in the form of the bell symbol, known as the liberty bell, a step up from the previous bland presentation. Fruit slot machines had to change again though, as new laws were coming.

Slots got around these laws in a creative way, by replacing their usual symbols. The slots industry managed to stay afloat by paying winners with fruit-flavoured bubble gum, and thus birthing the iconic retro fruit slot machines. It worked, and before long the bar symbol came about after one of the major slot machine manufacturers introduced it as an adaptation of their brand logo.

Online slots symbols now

The slot machine then went mainstream thanks to a man named Herbert Mills. He was a travelling salesman and took the slots all over the US, trading in various establishments including barber shops and brothels. The fruit slot machines made their way to the UK and were as popular here as in America.

Now, we have a huge range of online slots symbols with more slots online than ever before, in a wide range of exciting, unique and interesting themes. Thanks to tech advancements in the slots industry we have better graphics than ever before too, which means that slots are better than ever before.

It’s fair to say that slots symbols are a very important element in the overall theme with any of the slots online. Symbols help show the player what those slot games are all about - for example, slots that are based on a jungle theme will have a lion as the wild symbol.

Symbols also serve a purpose within the slots online themselves, and the way this is represented in the game is important as it helps that purpose stand out. Slots have changed so much over the years, we expect the symbol to do so too, and it’s exciting to think about how these will look in the future.

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