If you’ve been looking into the healing powers of crystals, you’re probably trying to find which crystals are the most important to add to your collection.

Crystals can be used to banish negative energy or boost positivity in the mind. Different crystals have different powers, which is why this guide should shine some light on the most effective options.

Most Effective Healing Crystals

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most common healing crystals. It’s been used to cure hangovers from the Ancient Greeks and help common folk connect to their spirituality on a higher level. Some even suggest that amethyst can improve your psychic abilities, too.

This purple precious stone can help to calm the mind and aid meditation if you’re already practicing such techniques. It also encourages tranquility and enhances intuition.

2. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is often known as the love crystal, as it is commonly used to attract a love interest or protect relationships. When unlucky in love, rose quartz is said to be able to heal heartbreak and pain.

But it’s not just unrequited love that rose quartz helps with. It’s a great stone for promoting self-love and balancing your heart chakra. It can also raise self-confidence – ultimately helping you to attract love.

3. Iron Pyrite

If you’re looking to deter negative energy (and really, who isn’t?) Iron pyrite is a top choice. This stone can activate or improve your intellect and memory which can in turn create its own set of benefits for your mind and body. Those that use crystal healing and iron pyrite often report better willpower, more positive thinking and improved self-worth.

Iron pyrite is a great option to incorporate into a relaxing massage. Search for heavenandearthmassage.co.uk to see what types of crystal healing treatments you can have.

4. Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is known to help with awareness and understanding, and although money isn’t everything, the crystal can also be used to maintain or grow wealth. Tiger eye can also help to minimize stress, bring good luck and improve confidence. All of which can do wonders for your mental wellbeing and career.

5. Hematite

When you’re feeling a little unbalanced and chaotic, hematite may offer the relief you need. You can put Hematite in your pocket when you’re feeling stressed or need to be calm in a situation. The stone may also help those struggling with anxiety to clear negative feelings and mental confusion.

6. Emerald

Like quartz, emerald can help with love. It symbolizes growth, provides loyalty and enhances friendships. It can also be used to clear negativity and encourage sensitivity in your relationships.

7. Citrine

The warm and optimistic energy of the citrine crystal can fend off negative energies heading in your direction. It works as a protective shield and purges toxins from your body and the environment around you. Crystal healing practitioners like to use citrine as it does not need to be cleansed or recharged.

These are the top 7 crystals to add to your toolkit. Whether you’re hoping to try out your own crystal healing massage or want to keep crystals in your bag for those bad days, there are plenty of places to buy these stones or incorporate them into jewelry.

A senior academic researcher, reviewer, and editor, Dr. Declan Pouros is also an internationally accredited psychotherapist. He earned his PhD in Psychological Counseling and Guidance, and in the years since, he has taught in the Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance himself.He has also authored papers that have gone on to appear in such world-renowned journals as the European Journal of Psychological Assessment, Psychological Reports, the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology. Asia Pacific Psychiatry, and Computers in Human Behaviour.

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