How to Get the Perfect Collar for Your Dog

Getting a dog as your pet is a great idea. You may have wanted that beautiful dog for a long time; and now that you have him, caring for your pet is another responsibility that you have as a pet parent. Apart from regularly taking your pooch to the vet, cleaning them and providing them with a balanced diet, you need to train your dog well. You should ensure that you get the right collar and harness for your dog. 

Apart from the regular collars that you see on other dogs, you need to see more and know more details about the right collars for your dog. It is so that you may know which one is a perfect match for your furry baby. Every dog is unique and has its requirements and preferences. You need to consider certain qualities when getting your dog a collar. There are some tips and guides that you may consider as you follow through with your search.

How to Get the Perfect Dog Collar

1. Select a collar style

The first step in finding the right collar for your dog is finding the right overall style of your dog's collar. This, you will know by finding out, and making a decision on what purpose you want the collar to serve for your dog. Do you want your dog to use their collar for everyday use? Do you want your dog's collar for identification? Is it for training? Or maybe for walking? When you can address these questions, then you will be able to find the right collar style for your dog. Different collar styles suit different requirements.

They include the traditional buckle collar which has a buckle with a prong style with holes in it: which can be used to adjust the collar to fit the dog properly. Another one is the quick release buckle which has either a metal or plastic buckle; which has two ends that clip together. There is a collar which has a safety style which may be efficient for dogs that roam around a larger area. There are also other collars such as the martingale collar and the scrufftag collar. You can look into these to see more information on the effectiveness of each style. It will also help you pick out the one that will best serve the purpose that you intend.

2. Decide on the material of your dog's collar

After settling on the dog collar style, you need to pick out the material of the collar. You need to consider what value you will be aiming to get out of this dog collar, for you to decide on what material will best serve this purpose. Maybe you want it to be durable or to be comfortable for your furry friend who has sensitive skin. Here are some few options of materials to pick from. There are nylon collars for dogs which come in many varieties and nylon is among the most common materials for dog collars. It is because it is both affordable for most people, and nylon collars come in a wide variety of designs and colors. You may decide to get your dog a plain nylon collar or an embroidered one.

Another fabric is impervious biomethane, which is polyester material that has been coated with both vinyl and urethane. It looks appealing as it resembles synthetic leather in some ways. It also comes in great varieties of print and colors. It does well in extreme temperatures and smell changes. It also holds up quite well in water. It is a favorite among many other dog owners and is an excellent option for you.

Lastly, there is leather which is the material that has been used to make dog collars for the longest time for obvious reasons. There are different types of leather, and all are very durable and good for your dog. Leather is a natural fiber which softens over time so, no more irritation for your dog.

3. Customize your dog's collar

The last but not least important step in finding your dog the perfect collar is to customize the new collar that you have settled on. You can customize your dog's collar regardless of the collar's style, or material. It is essential to either emboss, embroider or engrave details about your dog, like their name and where you and your furry best friend live; so that your dog walks around with this information and in case he or she gets lost or stolen, you can get them back safely and as soon as possible. Dogs are man's best friend and, you need to ensure that your dog's safety and safe home return is a sure thing.

When you follow these steps to find a perfect collar for your pooch, you will both be happy that you did this for your dog, and this process will be another opportunity to bond with your dog. You should research to see more information on the perfect collar for your dog. All the best in finding the perfect dog collar.

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2019)

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