The tech industry has progressed immensely in the past decades such that there are some amazing tech options and applications available for your beloved dogs. 

These incredible tech options are intended to help the people to play, feed and communicate with the pet dogs better.

As indicated by the American Pet Products Association, in the year 2017, Americans have spent about $69.51 billion on their pets which include health care and food. Apart from that, more than $14 billion are spent on pet materials which includes tech for pets.

Let’s categorically take a look at some of the best new tech gadgets for your dogs that can be used regardless of their age.

Amazing and Innovative Tech Options for your Pet Dog

1. Food-Based Tech for Dogs

Food for pets is one area where tech has brought great innovations, making your life simpler and your dog’s life happier.

Food Bowls

There are digital food bowls available for dogs that can accommodate the amount of food required for your dog based on its age and health. These digital food bowls activate to provide a balanced diet for the dogs.

Some of these food bowls can also be connected to your phone via a mobile app. This way the app can give you suggestions and you can make the required changes when required.

Pet Feeder

Pet feeders are handy gadgets that can measure the amount of food to be given to your dog and how many times to feed it. You can also customize the number of servings and portion sizes to meet your dog’s unique nutritional requirements.

Some pet feeders consist of a voice recorder. So even if you are not at home, the pet feeder will let your dog know that it's time to eat via a recorded message.

Pet Purifier

The pet purifier and dispenser can adjust the total volume of water to be provided to your dog. You can also program them to dispense water at designated times.

The gadget purifies the water by screening all the impurities, ions and chlorine. These gadgets are also portable, so if you are on the long road trip and taking your dog with you, you can easily take the pet purifier with you.

2. Surveillance Systems and Trackers for Dogs

Have you ever been out of your home for an extended period of time and worried about the well-being of your dog? Well, lucky for you, technology can solve this problem for you too!

Two-way Surveillance System

This kind of surveillance system enables you to check up on your dog when you are away from your home.

In fact, if your dog gets restless or misses you a lot, you can talk to your dog to calm him or her down via real-time voice message.

GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker enables to track your pet dog in case he or she gets lost.

Alongside its basic function, a few GPS trackers consist of additional features like sending you a text or an email alert when your dog leaves a predefined boundary

Also, you can easily locate your dog by following a map within the application. You can easily attach these GPS trackers to the dog’s collar.

Motion Detector Surveillance System

Motion Detector surveillance systems activate only when your pet dog is on the move. Otherwise, when your dog is sleeping or napping, the surveillance system turns off automatically.

Treat Tosser

This is an outstanding gadget that not only helps you to check up on your pet dog via a home-monitor but also allows you to toss a treat to your dog virtually!

This can be done by optimizing the feature through a mobile application. The gadget operates via Wi-Fi and has a two-way communication system too!

Calming Devices

Your dog loves you so much that sometimes when you leave it for hours at a stretch, it gets restless and anxious.

Hence, you can utilize the calming devices available that help to calm down your pet dog. 

Some of these gadgets consist of calming tunes and music that will enable to calm the pet dog. Also, some calming devices consist of “communication” systems so that you can talk to the pet dog and pacify him/her. 

Activity Monitor

Activity monitors are similar to Apple watches - but for dogs!

They enable you to check up on the daily health of your pet dog, including the amount of calorie intake each day, the total duration your dog sleeps each day, their stress levels and so much more. 

This is a very innovative and useful gadget that helps to keep your pet dog healthy and happy. 

3. Tech-based Dog Toys for Your Best Friend

Playing with your dog strengthens the bond between the two of you. Besides, who doesn’t want to have fun with their dog?

The tech industry understands that, and that’s why there are so many tech-based toys for your dogs available.

Digital Bone

A digital bone is one of the best innovations in this industry. It enables you to play with your dog, but it can also be controlled using your smartphone.

So even if you are not at home, you can still play with your dog via the mobile application. 

Toys With Treats

With these toys, you can place treats into the toy so that when your pet dog is playing with it, it will also provide nibbles and treats to your dog.

Some toys are also educational for dogs

For example, some consist of mazes which provide a good mental workout for your pet dog. When they successfully solve the puzzle, the toy dispenses a treat for them.

Automatic Ball Launcher

Does your dog love playing fetch? Get it an automatic ball launcher and let it continue playing, even when you are not around.

4. Final Thoughts

Yes, your dog may not really care about technology.

But through the use to modern technology, you can take better care of them. This, in the long run, keeps your dog healthy and happy. 

These incredible tech options help to create a strong bond between the pet dogs and the owners.

Be sure to give at least one of these a try! I promise you won’t regret it!

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