Everything You Need to Know About Crown Hair Toppers Right Now

Hair loss and balding happen to women, too, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. For women who suffer from these insecurities, look no further than the saving grace of hair accessories: crown hair toppers. These easily attachable, widely available hairpieces eliminate hair thinning and balding by giving women voluminous, natural looking heads of hair in a matter of minutes.

Everything You Need to Know About Crown Hair Toppers

1. The Advancing Stages of Hair Loss

Typically, hair loss will slowly progress, becoming increasingly more noticeable. For women especially, this can be traumatizing, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything that can’t be done about it.

In the beginning stages of hair loss, a crown hair topper with a smaller base can be used to act as coverage. Hair loss during this time may not be as noticeable to others, but it can be felt and make styling the hair a delicate and challenging process.

Of course, with hair loss means that after more and more time has passed, the chances of the scalp beginning to show through the thin strands subsequently becomes much higher. Once the scalp begins to noticeably show, the hair thinning in the problem area will eventually become an issue of balding. But, it’s not the end of the world—there are crown hair toppers that range from medium to large to resolve the problems emerging from this stage.

In severe cases, balding presents itself and becomes too apparent to ignore. Plenty of women struggle with hair thinning and balding, but with a thick crown hair topper with a large base, it’s like this problem doesn’t even exist.

2. Taking Measurements

To find your perfect crown hair topper, it all starts with the measuring tape. This can be difficult for most women because they are directly confronting an insecurity, but fear not, because with the right measurements will soon come the right crown hair topper to promise a healthy, full head of hair.

Record the measurements of the problem area starting with the widest points on your scalp—front to back, side to side, and across the area of hair loss or balding. By adding a half of an inch to your measurements to allow for the crown hair topper to attach and fall on your scalp properly, you will have your accurate measurements.

3. It’s All About the Base

There are two types of bases you can choose from when selecting the crown hair topper that’s right for you: monofilament and classic. The monofilament base, to begin, offers a long and skinny base and is often found on higher quality constructed crown hair toppers. This type of wig consists of each of the strands of hair being hand-tied and knotted into a very sheer material. Monofilament crown hair toppers create a look of natural hair, with the way the topper hair falls and moves just like your natural hair would.

A classic base construction is comprised of rows or wefts of synthetic or real human hair. For many crown hair toppers with a classic base construction, the woman’s own natural hair can be easily integrated or even pulled through the topper to create a more authentic look and feel.

4. Real or Synthetic?

For the most natural look, it is highly advisable that you select Remy hair, which is real human hair that’s gone through a rigorous compiling process to create the crown hair toppers. Not only will crown hair toppers with real human hair look more genuine, they’ll also allow you to style them just as you would with your natural hair. Costs should be considered, and yes, with Remy crown hair toppers you would be paying more, but the confidence and ease you’ll get with the final product will speak volumes.

5. Let the Personalization Begin

Hair length and color are completely up to you, and if you get stuck on this part of the crown hair topper selection process, most sites and salons offer a free consultation. Keep in mind that not all online sites and manufacturers have exactly the same shades and tones, so you’ll have to do some research before making the commitment.

6. Don’t Let Thinning or Balding Get the Best of You

Your hair is apart of your style, and it’s not fair to have genetics get the final say as far as your scalp is concerned. The driving force behind hair accessories is to allow women to regain control of their self-image, and crown hair toppers are no exception. Take back your hair for your own and don’t allow thinning or balding to dictate your look.

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2021)

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