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Every woman knows what stress can do to their health and state of emotions, but few of us stop to think about the havoc stress is causing on our skin. Our faces are the most visible part of our body and once it has become apparent that something is amiss, it’s time to take action. There are many different ways to counteract the visible signs of stress on your skin and here is just a sampling of what you can do to see results almost immediately.

How to Counteract Visible Signs of Stress on the Skin at Home

Focus on Nutrition

Believe it or not, nutrition has a lot to do with the way your skin appears. Vitamin deficiencies can wreak havoc on the skin quicker than you can imagine, so getting proper nutrition inside and out will make a huge difference. The nutrients needed most by the skin include vitamins A, B3, B5, C, D, E, and K as well as choline and folic acid.

And lest we forget, those amazing fatty acids found in the Omega complex vitamins can also work wonders. Even though manufactured outside the home, there are vitamin-formulated hydrating products that can give your skin a much-needed renewal when applied as directed daily. Check out therapeutic skincare products on sites like karmaholywood.co.uk to see just how many of the above-mentioned nutrients these products contain. Massaging those lotions into the skin can be as relaxing as it gets!

Check Your Intake of Alcoholic Beverages

When we say ‘check’ your intake of alcohol, we aren’t referring to keeping a record of the drinks you indulge in. Rather we are suggesting that you put a stop to imbibing anything more than a single cocktail or glass of wine a day. Alcohol dries the skin and does a number on your liver if you aren’t careful. Bear in mind that the liver filters out many of the toxins you ingest and as a result can be overworked. Toxins remaining in the bloodstream can do untold amounts of damage to skin that should be young and glowing.

Also, choline (a water soluble compound neither vitamin nor mineral) helps to cleanse the liver so it can do its job, filtering out all those harmful toxins. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, that works in much the same way. So, our suggestion would be to take a natural multivitamin daily with those above-mentioned vitamins and use a skincare product with the essential ingredients as well.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Guided Imagery

Rooted in the traditions of the East, there is nothing quite like meditation to soothe the mind, body and soul. If you are subjected to daily events that cause an undue amount of stress in your life, take time out daily to center and just let your body relax. Your skin tone will improve as a result because those taut stress lines will begin to diminish in conjunction with the skincare nutrients you’ve added to your regimen.

From valerian root tea to a daily dose of meditation, there are natural ways to reduce the impact of stress on your skin. No one wants to prematurely age and that is exactly what stress can do if you don’t counteract it now, at this very moment. Take time out to relax, focusing on the good things in life and you will sense an immediate change. You can do this! You are stronger than stress so let’s see what you’ve got in you!

A beauty professional, Cory Fang earned her two-year diploma in Beauty and Skin Care before going on to study Reflexology, Somatology, and electrical face and body treatments.She is committed to her client's well-being, and after working at a local beauty business for three years, she went into business for herself four years ago. A proponent on peels, skin needling, facials, and basic home care, she knows what it takes to keep skin and the body healthy.

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