Many people think they are never going to experience any dental issue just because they brush regularly. Others are of the view that they should floss regularly too to prevent dental problems. While it is true that you should do brush regularly and floss at least once a day to keep dental problems at bay, things can still go wrong at times.

No matter how hard you try, you may eventually have to give in because of those disease and odor-causing bacteria that can trigger tooth decay and other issues. Sometimes, the issues can be so serious that you have to extract the teeth, which can be a direct hit to your confidence unless you give cosmetic dentistry a try.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most demanding fields in the present era. With the new and safer technological advancement in this field, it has gained popularity among the majority.

It’s a natural human desire to look beautiful, and this beautiful look is incomplete without a perfect smile. Teeth filled with plaque and irregularly positioned teeth make you reluctant to wear a broad smile in public. 

Fortunately, its cure is possible through the various cosmetic dental procedure and using digital smile design concept, which works amazingly well to improve the aesthetic planning and smile design. Here we are discussing the most common procedures of cosmetic dentistry:

6 Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

1. Teeth Whitening 

Sparkling pearly white teeth enhance the beauty of your smile and boost your confidence. You can easily get these shiny white teeth with teeth whitening services. Teeth whitening is the most popular procedure of cosmetic dentistry and is easily approachable and affordable to the general public.

Teeth Whitening

The modern teeth whitening kits have made it more effective and convenient. It's a noninvasive procedure and gives you promising results. It helps you in getting nine times lighter teeth color than your present one.

2. Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are another teeth whitening process, but it is an invasive one. This process is required when the plaque is too stubborn to get easily removed by regular teeth whitening procedures.

Porcelain veneers are fabricated cases that are fitted on your teeth permanently. With these porcelain covers, you can not only get rid of unpleasant yellow teeth, but it also hides the other flaws of your teeth like the chipped or broken teeth and uneven spacing. It's a highly effective process and saves your teeth from discoloration for a longer period.

3. Inlays And Onlays

dental office

These are quite popular dental procedures and are also known as indirect fillings. Your dentist is going to recommend this procedure when you have a tooth with mild decay.

Sometimes, your doctor recommends inlays and onlays in case there isn't enough tooth structure to keep a filling in place. In case of an inlay, your dentist will place it directly on to the surface of your tooth. 

You will have to go for an onlay in case there is some damage done to the cusp of the tooth. Both onlays and inlays are made within a dental lab, and some type of composite resin material is used for this purpose. However, it is important to bear in mind that these procedures work for you when you do not already have any damage to the tooth cusps.

4. Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are the modern alternative of wire or bracket braces. The use of braces can help you in correcting the alignment of your teeth and correct their structure.

Generally, people avoid wearing wire or bracket braces as it is a long-term process and it gives a weird look to their teeth. With the invasion of invisible braces, this issue has been resolved.

Now you can carry your braces without being noticed by others. There are different types of invisible braces like the inside braces, ceramic tooth-colored braces, and clear aligners. These are not interchangeable therefore you must choose the one carefully and then stick to it.

5. Composite Bonding 

Another popular dental procedure today is called composite bonding, which involves using a specific procedure to repair damaged, decayed, or discolored teeth.

Your dentist will make use of specific material that is similar to the color of the enamel. The procedure involves drilling out the decayed part and applying the composite onto the surface of the affected tooth. The dentist will also sculpt it property before going for the high-intensity light to cure it.

The good thing about the procedure is that it is quick and helps correct the appearance of the tooth. When done correctly, no one can tell that you have a damaged tooth. So, if you are currently looking for a procedure to help you with a chipped, decayed, or cracked tooth, you can certainly talk to your dentist about the benefits of going for composite bonding.

6. Gingival Contouring

Gingival Contouring

Gingival Contouring helps you in getting rid of gummy smile. What you should bear in mind is that it is quite an intense process and may require further surgical procedures. Gummy smiles and excessive gingival display are quite unpleasant for the person.

It can be treated through surgical lip repositioning, laser treatment, maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, and gingival sculpting. You need professional guidance and cosmetic dentistry specialist for these treatments.

The fact of the matter is that cosmetic dentistry is a growing industry and is facilitating thousands of people around the world in making their smile beautiful and in regaining their confidence.

Many dental offices have now introduced some new technologies and comprehensive procedures to make everything work seamlessly. But at the same time, these procedures are very expensive and are out of reach for many people.

Fortunately, there are professional DIY kits available too for common cosmetic dentistry procedures. These kits are quite affordable and are easier to use and give satisfactory results. Still, you cannot ignore the importance of working with an experienced dentist, especially when you talk about cosmetic dentistry.

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2019)

Craig Campbell is a qualified dentist from the United Kingdom. He graduated six years ago, and he has been practicing dentistry since then. Campbell is fully registered with the General Dental Council, the UK-regulator of dental professionals.

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