A wave of keeping pets at home has engulfed people worldwide, and an increase is visible in people getting their beloved animals. People are bringing awareness about the advantages of having an animal at home, and it has proven to be beneficial for sick people. In today's world, mental health problems are on the rise, and an alarming number of people are tackling emotional and mental health issues. Apart from adults, children are also suffering from depression and anxiety, and there is a constant hike in mental health patients. 

Heath experts comment that pets help relieve stress, and studies show that people who have a pet at home tend to stay happy and live longer. People have different reasons for having pets. Some bring their most favorite animal home because they have a fondness for it. Several keep it for health reasons, and others keep pets to have a companion at home. Some people think that having pet animals helps inculcate care and love emotions in children and help discipline them.

Keeping pets has many benefits, but that does not mean that it is a piece of cake; it is challenging. Animals cannot take care of their needs by themselves and, when you bring one home, it becomes your responsibility. Some people comment that keeping a pet is equivalent to having a small child as you have to take care of its requirements and look after every need of it.

Today's world is different from what it was a decade ago, as the advancements in technology are evolving in various sectors and people's daily lives. People of the modern world have different problems than people of previous ages, and they require new-age solutions as they cannot solve new issues using old methods. Similarly, pet owners of the contemporary world tackle different problems, and most of them look for quick fixes. 

Some new solutions for pet problems are as follows:


    1. GO ONLINE

Almost all solutions to your problems are just a click away. You can place an order online for cat food, litter box, and toys if you are busy enough not to go to stores. The internet will suggest numerous solutions, and you can easily avail of one of them. Moreover, technology has helped enhance communication, and you can connect with fellow pet owners and organize some get-togethers. While many people frown and do not like animals' presence in their vicinity, going online will help you interact with like-minded people, and you will get a chance to visit people who will welcome you with your pet with open arms.


Technology has transformed the medical industry, and it has changed diagnosis and treatment procedures on a massive scale. Unlike old ages, when animals' medical experts used to take weeks and sometimes months only to pinpoint the exact health issue, veterinarians now have access to digital tools and machines that help diagnose problems early. Now, they have instant cures and give animals quick relief. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), laparoscopy, ultrasound scan, and several other tests are no longer only human-centric, and they are helping in determining various animals' health problems.


Pet animals do not always behave as per your instructions and choice, and they can surprise you with their attitude when you least expect them. Although behavioral issues are not a new age problem, pet owners have various means of training them today. Animals tend to misbehave when they feel zero excitement or have a problem but are unable to communicate. You can enroll in a training program and learn some necessary skills needed to train your animal. If your pet shows enthusiasm about one thing today, they will not show the same zeal the next day. Today, markets have innumerable options, and you can buy several things to attract your animals' interest and entertain them.


Gone are the days when beauty services were only for human beings as now grooming services for dogs and cats are a thing today. If you disapprove of the way your pets' fur is growing or you think that trimming would make it appear cool, you can call grooming services to your place or visit them, and they will give your animal your favorite look. Many animals require regular clipping of claws, shedding of an upper coat of skin, and bathing. Markets have several options for shampoos to bathe your animal by yourself and groom them as per your liking.


The biggest hurdle in keeping a pet is that people feel that they cannot travel as their pets would be on their own. Many have to put in long days at work, and the idea of leaving an animal unattended for such a long period does not seem viable to them; thus, they refrain from acquiring one. Pets' daycare is a reality today, and you can quickly leave your pet with them for some hours or days. They charge as per their services and look after your precious animal in your absence. 


Many people love bringing animals to their homes, as they enjoy their company and believe that they can give them a better life. Whatever the reason behind keeping a pet is, the truth is when humans and animals live in the same space, some unfortunate social situations may arise. Owning a pet is like a full-time job as you have to cater to your animals' needs and look after them when they fall sick. Pet owners generally enjoy looking after their animals, and they do not mind added responsibility. Keeping a pet has its pros and cons, but the modern world has various solutions to pet owners' problems.

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2020)

Her experience as a veterinarian stretching back more than fifteen years, Lesly Glover has spent ten years of clinical practice as an equine veterinarian and companion animal practitioner.She has also done work as a regulatory veterinarian for the government, giving her a unique and useful perspective of the policies that affect animals and animal owners’ day-to-day lives. An avid writer, she specializes in formal educational pieces and casual blog posts alike, and she has done guest spots on many animal-related podcasts.