Cats Laying on People’s Chest

It is a common knowledge to every cat owner that most felines are naturally clingy especially to their masters. Although, some breeds are also friendly even to visitors. Among its notable behaviors is cats laying or sleeping on people’s chest. Why do felines love doing this? 

Why Cats Lay on Your Chest

Cats Laying on People's Chest

1. Warmth

Cats prefer to rest in warm spots. Since their body temperature is colder compared to humans, feline body needs a secondary source of heat for optimal metabolism.

This is also the reason why you would sometimes see your pet at that spot in your house under direct sunlight.

At night, your pet will naturally seek another heat source. Interestingly, the human body tends to release some heat while sleeping. This is why your feline is very much clingy and attached to you especially at night.

2. Comfort

Cats tend to sleep around the total of 16 hours in a day. That’s two-thirds of the whole day. And similar to humans, when they sleep, of course they want to have maximum comfort possible. Comfort in the sense of warmth, security, and familiarity of sounds and smells.

Other than beds designed for felines, your pet may also find your stock of laundry comfortable. Also, you would see it on a carpet or soft rug, your couch, and bed of course. But, above all these, your bet would love to lay on your lap, chest, or belly.

3. Security

Domestic cats, in particular, are very much wary of its security when they sleep. This is why among all those comfortable places to sleep in, your pet will choose to sleep on you or beside you.

On your chest or beside you in bed, it knows that it is safe from any predators. It is well assured that there’s no other safer place other than by your side.

4. Sounds and Smells

Again, another indication of comfort for felines is the familiar sounds and smells. No matter how loud you’re snoring or how off your smell is, your pet finds it comforting.

You see, cats associate your sounds and smell with love, care, companionship, and safety that they receive from their owner. So, being close to you also means all these to your pet.

At the same time, lying on or beside you is also its way of marking you with its scent. Remember that it is still territorial by nature.

5. Affection

cat in blanket

Most felines are also naturally affectionate especially to its owners. When you come home, they would welcome you, rub itself against your legs, and even curl up next to you. These are its ways of saying, “Welcome home! I missed you.”

Who can even resist such display of affection attached on a very cute face?

Final Words

Well, we hope that this post enlightened you on why cats lay on people. They don’t just want to disturb your sleep or leave its mark. As shown above, your cat wants the warmth, comfort, security, sounds and smells of your body. And, at the same time, it wants to display its affection to you.

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2019)