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How to Organize a Low-Key Event: 4 Areas to Focus on

How to Organize a Low Key Event

Organizing even a small event is no easy task. For sure, there are tricks to pulling off a successful one. For our purposes, we’ll be looking at something small like a 50-100-person event to keep everything manageable.Whether the event is to promote a product launch for your small home business or something intimate for a […]

Relieve Anxiety with these 4 Natural Remedies

Relieve Anxiety with these 4 Natural Remedies

When it comes to mental illness, anxiety disorders take the top spot as the leading cause of mental illness in the US, and it is estimated that around 40 million adults in America are affected by some kind of anxiety disorder. The good news is that there are several natural remedies that people can use to help […]

5 Things You Can Do to Prepare to ‘Age Well’

Are you worried about growing old? Do you wonder whether you will age gracefully? You may think things like this are out of your control. However, the good news is that aging well is possible—and you have control over it.Of course, maintaining good health and seeing a specialist are both essential. However, that’s not the […]

Practical Ways to Achieve a Positive Mindset

With the concern about COVID-19 and civil unrest, it’s understandable that much of Washington, D.C. is on high alert. Not to mention, as more cities take steps towards reopening, people face the decision of whether to remain in quarantine or not. In addition, many people are facing financial hardships due to being laid off during […]

A Cancer Diagnosis: What to Do Next?

A Cancer Diagnosis What to Do Next

A cancer diagnosis never comes at a convenient time. It upends plans and changes the whole course of your life. It can be so difficult for loved ones and friends that everything seems permanently altered. In such a heavy situation, it’s easy to feel inert and disconnected from the whole world. What cancer can’t take away from […]

The 4 Main Stages of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Recovery

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Recovery

When you choose to go to a rehabilitation center for alcohol or substance abuse, you make a bold and empowering step toward a sober and clean life. Rehab facilities offer the most comfortable and safest procedures of achieving sobriety and a higher chance of maintaining a sober state. However, most people aren’t aware of the […]

How to Detox From Opioids Safely

How to Detox From Opioids Safely

Opioids are a class of analgesics that may cause central nervous system depression, and the potential to cause a euphoric effect. Opioid use disorder (OUD) is characterized by the abuse of prescribed medication and substances containing opioids, or heroin used illicitly. Opioid addiction is a chronic, relapsing illness, associated with significantly increased rates of morbidity and mortality.Opioid […]

How Do You Find Inner Peace and Happiness?

How Do You Find Inner Peace and Happiness

Everyone wants to find happiness and inner peace, but it sometimes can be challenging, especially in a world designed to distract and control our every minute. So, in a world designed like that how can you find inner peace and happiness? What is happiness? What does inner peace mean to you?These are questions that have answers […]

13 Things to Know About DNA Testing Kits

DNA Testing Kits

Quick Navigation Common Features Of DNA Tests1. Individual DNA Testing is Simple 2. Accuracy3. Search For Genetic Variations4. Information Can be Limited5. DNA Gives You Distant History6. You Can Identify Relatives You do not Know You Have7. DNA Help Reveal Your Health Information8. You get to Know Certain Risks9. Other DNA Tests Are For Prescription Only10. […]

Turmeric For Nerve Pain: Does It Really Work?

Turmeric For Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is a very devastating chronic condition that can be disabling is not well managed. More than 200 million Americans suffer different forms of neuropathies and treatment remains a challenge since effective remedies are limited. A study on natural supplements gives an array of hope to finally treating nerve pains. Curcumin, an active component […]

Dealing With Slots Addiction On Your Own

Dealing With Slots Addiction On Your Own

The 21st Century has seen a huge rise in people playing slots, and it has also naturally seen a rise in people suffering from slot addictions too. It is not really surprising when you consider how far these games have come either, these days they can be incredibly fun to play, and therefore a lot […]