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5 Tips for Choosing a Hearing Aid for Your Child

For most families of children diagnosed with hearing loss, finding the right hearing aid is the next important step towards improving hearing health. If you are in the process of selecting hearing aids for your child, keep reading for some useful tips.1. Familiarize yourself with child-friendly hearing aids.After seeking pediatric audiology testing to determine the type of […]

5 Healthy First Foods for Your Baby

5 Healthy First Foods for Your Baby

Nothing is more exciting for a parent than when their baby is ready to try some new foods. But with this comes the responsibility of choosing what is best for your baby. With so many processed foods in the market today, choosing them may not be best or even good for your baby. So when […]

Could My Child Have a Vision Problem?

Could My Child Have a Vision Problem

We all want the best for our children. A good education is the basic foundation for success in later life. Which might make it troubling if your child doesn’t seem to be coping well with school life. Maybe they’re disruptive, or taking more time to learn the basic concepts.It can be extremely worrying – you […]