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Top 5 Types of Litter for Your Cat

Types of Cat Litter

Getting a cat is an amazing decision. Cats are great companions if you are looking for a low-maintenance pet that could potentially save your life. Check out any news articles featuring cats rescuing their owners from burning buildings, and you’ll see why feline companions are more than just heartwarming, precious furballs. But not everything is going […]

3 Benefits to Investing in an Automatic Cat Box

Benefits to Investing in an Automatic Cat Box

Quick Navigation Top 3 Benefits of an Auto Cat Box1. Reduces the Need for Scooping2. Encourages the Use of Litter Box3. Effectively Controls OdorConclusion Owning a cat is an enjoyable thing. However, it comes with its own responsibilities. One of the most distasteful duties of pet parenthood is cleaning the cat’s litter box, yet it’s […]

Top 5 ​​Rated ​Cat ​Beds


​Cats are known to sleep quite a lot! So finding your cat one of the very best cat beds is crucial for their health and of course, their sleeping comfort. Not only will you be giving your cat a space they can call their very own, you will give them a safe and comfortable place […]

5 Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

5 Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

​Cat trees, or cat towers, are designed to give your cat the interaction the crave. The stimulation provided from a cat tree or cat tower is much needed for the overall health and wellness for your cat. And as a pet owner, you want to find the very best cat trees for your cat to […]

Top 5 of the Best Water Fountains for Cats

Best Cats' Water Fountains

A water fountain for you cat can offer you and your cat (or cats) several benefits. Not only will the water have a continuous flow, your cat will be more likely to drink more water since it will be constantly fresh. Yet finding the best water fountains for cats can be a small challenge since […]

Top 5 Best Automatic Feeders for Cats

BEST Automatic Cat Feeders

​Whether you are going out of town for a few days or you have a busy schedule, automatic cat feeders can be a literal life saver for your cat, and a time saver for you. Finding a reliable and high quality cat feeder can be a little tricky though. This is why we have found […]