Whether you have moved to Atlanta or have just adopted a new pet friend, it’s important to have easy access to a good vet. Here are a few ways you can easily find a good veterinarian to assess and treat your best friend.

5 Tips to finding a caring and compassionate vet in Atlanta

1. American Animal Hospital Association Hospital Locator (AAHA) Accredited Animal Hospital

If you are planning to take your pet into any animal hospital, make sure that the hospital is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. Accredited hospitals showcases that they have the ability and commitment in meeting or even exceeding the standards in several areas, approximately 900 standards.

A hospital that is AAHA accredited will go above and beyond. The hospital has to prove to AAHA, being the third party that they are able to give the safest, highest quality care. AAHA accredited hospitals usually meet high veterinary care standards. Every hospital willingly completes a detailed evaluation of the services that they provide and equipment.

A practicing consultant will then evaluate the hospital to make sure that it meets AAHA standards in the areas such as emergency services, pain management, contagious diseases, surgery and anesthesia and many more required services. Use the AAHA locator to easily find a AAHA accredited hospital in Atlanta.

2. Ask for Referral from Other Pet Lovers

It is good to find recommendations from workmates and friends who adore their pests just as you love yours. If your pet is a critical part of your family, ask people who feel the same as you do for reference to a good local vet.

3. Organize For A Meeting To Get Acquainted

It is not good to organize for a meeting when your pet is unwell and is really in need of one of the best Atlanta vets. The best time to have a meeting with a veterinarian is before your pet is ill. Schedule for a brief meeting with the veterinarian to meet your pet.

The meeting will enable you to ask questions about the hospital practices and get to know if the hospital is the right one for you and your pet. For a relationship between a veterinarian, owner and pet is a partnership and therefore communication is important.

4.  Take A Tour Of The Hospital

After finding an animal practice that you think you like, ask then to give you a tour of their facility. The hospital should be pleased to show you their facility. While you are taking a tour around the hospital, check if the facility is clean, comfortable and safe for the animals.

You also need to find out if the dogs and cats are separated, the equipment is up to date and the place is organized with minimal clutter.

5. If You Have Moved

If you have moved from another state into Atlanta, ask your former veterinarian for a recommendation. Area veterinary medicine association have a list of members who are active, mostly with special interest such as avian and exotic medicine.

If you have a bird, you will want an avian veterinarian. However, if it is a fish, look for an aquatic animal vet. Qualified veterinarians cater for the needs of different animals such as cats and dogs in terms of breeds.

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2021)

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