What is Boomtown Bingo and Why Review Sites Are on the Up

Boomtown Bingo is an online gaming and sports betting review and promotion website. The list of gaming and sports betting review sites is growing rapidly. The site offers online gamers a massive list of opportunities for betting, including: Bingo, Slots, Casino and Table Games, and Sports. Boomtown Bingo also rates (between one and five stars) each website that it lists, offers various promotions and deposit bonuses, gives pros and cons for each betting site, posts individual website reviews, and posts information about the strategy behind the games. 

What is Boomtown Bingo

When a visitor clicks on Boomtown Bingo’s ‘reviews’ page, they will see an alphabetical list of hundreds of online gambling websites, and the associated deposit bonuses.

The continuously growing number of online gamblers has never been higher. New people are taking part in online gambling every day thanks to the easing of gambling laws in the US and the UK. This is one of the reasons why there is a rise in review sites like these. In 2018, the United States Supreme Court voted in favour of ending a ban on sports betting.

The legalisation of sports betting in the United States is expected to further increase the overall number of gambling and sports betting websites.

Additionally, the UK has continued to hold a relaxed view of online gaming and sports betting. A 2019 report by Statista found that the global online gambling market increased from 20.51 billion US dollars in 2009 to 37.91 billion in 2015. Furthermore, the same report is forecasting those numbers to climb to an astounding 59.79 billion by 2020.

These staggering numbers aren’t only being found in the US and the UK. Several countries across the European Union, Canada, and Australia are reporting a rapid rise in online gambling and sports betting traffic.

Online gambling and sports betting isn’t the only flourishing market on the internet. Review and promotional websites are getting in on the growth. With the monumental rise of the online gambling and sports betting market, how is a new player supposed to pick the website that is ‘right’ for them?

If someone simply googles online “casino”, “sports betting”, “slots”, or “gambling” they will get a return of thousands of websites, which could be overwhelming for a beginner. Review sites can help a new player find the game that they want to play, the best value for their deposit with listed bonuses, and even the payment methods that each website can offer.

People always look for quick solutions in their lives and on the internet, online gambling and sports betting is no different. Review sites like Boomtown Bingo make the process of choosing a new website to play on quick and easy. Therefore, if a new player doesn’t want to find a new site through the alphabetical or categorical search features then they can simply look up the new ‘favourites’ each month. With the increasing market of online gambling and sports betting, it should be expected that review sites are going to rise as well.

Boomtown Bingo is an online gambling and sports betting review website that can cater to first-time players or seasoned veterans. Boomtown Bingo lists the name and link to hundreds of online bingo, casino, slots, and sports betting sites. It offers users special promotions, deposit bonuses, pros and cons of each website, and even gambling and sports betting strategy.

The continual relaxation of gambling and sports betting laws across the globe has resulted in a huge upsurge in online gambling and sports betting websites. That upsurge has led to a need for review sites among both beginner and veteran players. Review sites are on the up because of their ability to streamline the process of finding which gambling or sports betting website is right for each individual player and their bankroll.