As a knife owner and lover, one of the first lessons you will learn is that a pretty and well-designed knife without high quality blade steel is a complete waste of money. Several knife lovers have fallen into the trap of knife designs and handle designs only to find that those are not the most important factors to consider when choosing a knife.

While a good blade will stay sharp and be easy to re-sharpen, inferior steel will dull out more frequently and pose problems when frequency of use becomes higher. To ensure that you make the best choice, you will need a benchmade knife guide similar to what knife lovers now wish they had with regards to the types of blade steels and the best ones based on specific use.

To help you make the best decisions, below are some of the information you need with regards to blades and knives.

Types of Steels in the Blade

Bark River Knives

The Bark River knives are great for first time knife buyers as they offer the durability and long lasting qualities needed by a newbie trying out in the knife world. The great advantage of these knives is that they are easy to use for a variety of activities including cutting, wood carving, meat cutting, whittling, and more. You may also employ it for kitchen use in emergency situations and find it applicable. The knife is both great and easy to re-sharpen. It boasts of a CPM3V steel which is well adapted for a variety of use.


Another recommended steel option is the A-2 which several Bark Rivers are beginning to possess. This steel is a great option for outdoor camping and hunting. A good advantage of this steel option is that it never seems to need sharpening as it has been designed to remain as maximally applicable as possible.


This is a small and rather inexpensive knife that can be adapted for a variety of purposes. Persons with outdoors and hunting intents can choose from the Mora knife options which are excellent for dressing hunted animals including deer, elk, caribou. These are also used for gutting a fish tо cutting ice іntо manageable pieces.Buck knives blades are created from carbon-steel,stainless,Triflex and laminated steel.Their blades are have unbreakable feature. This іѕ a small size fixed blade knife that will amaze you with іtѕ versatility. Itѕ precision blade аnd ground spine аrе compatible with a fіrе starter аnd thе stainless steel (12C27) іѕ heat treated tо highest quality.

These knives have аn impact resistant handle with a new, larger, geometry that fits еvеn better іn your hаnd. Thе finger guard hаѕ bееn developed tо optimize safety. Thе blades hаvе a perfect balance bеtwееn length аnd width, which gives a better experience when using thе knives.

Mora blade thicknesses аlѕо fall іntо three groups: 0.079″ (2mm), 0.098″ (2.5mm), аnd 0.125″ (3.2mm). With thе thickest blades аt 1/8″. Still, these аrе hard-use knives that will take a beating. On thе оthеr hаnd, thе medium-thickness blades, аt 3/32″ (2.5mm), hаvе bееn favored fоr years bесаuѕе оf their strength іn splitting wood coupled with their ability tо take thіn slices. Aѕ all-purpose knives gо, these аrе hard tо beat.


The Puma pocket knife remains one of the favorite knives for hunting and outdoors space. The knife boasts of easy carriage in the pocket and the blade design is great for dressing small animals. Another great feature of the knife is its three blade which can be switched out as soon as the blade starts to get dull.

The steel used to make the knives, according to the company is the “best knife steel in the world”. The knife also boasts of the proper amount of carbon which makes it easy to sharpen although it has a major disadvantage of rusting more easily with the proper amount of carbon, unless other trace elements are added on to the production mix to protect against gross oxidation of the steel.

The 440C steel used for these knives has about 1 percent carbon added on for great edge and comprise of other elements including Chromium of 17 percent to maintain temper and inhibit rust, 0.35 percent of Silicon to base the alloy steel and further stabilize the blade. Other trace elements contained in the production mix include manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and molybdenum, all added to increase steel ability to form an edge and hold form.

Cold Steel


The cold steel is particularly favored for their longevity and durability. Great for dressing animals while remaining sharp for re-use, this knife steel is recommended for hunters who love big games. Cold steel knives are very strong and sharply effective knives. These knives аrе also used bу military аnd law-enforcement personnel worldwide. In Cold steel knives different types of steel and Blueing process is used. To make a blade protective and less reflective coat the blueing process is applied.


The Buck folder is affordable and boasts of many great features. First time knife buyers may fancy this option of knife steel as it is great for every day carry both for outdoors and emergency indoor use. The blade boasts of a gat edge despite being used for everything one could use a canoe knife for. The standard blade material on this knife, as revealed by manufacturers is 420HC. The company describes it as “excellent wear resistance of high carbon alloys with the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels.” Buck knives соmе іn different types with a variety оf sizes аnd shapes frоm thе small аnd handy pocket knives tо thе bigger hunting knives.

For the buck folder, an exclusive heat process was administered for superior corrosion resistance and the company additionally stated that the knife steel is designed for “excellent tensile strength, hardness and wear resistance.”

To help you better choose knife steels, there is the need to consider the constituent elements as they all play an important role in the quality, rust resistance, durability and other features.

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2022)

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