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Have you ever heard the saying "you are what you eat"? well it's true. The food you put into your body can have a massive effect on how you feel and look. Your nutrition can damage your organs, cause you to gain weight and have an effect on your mood.

Your diet also plays a role in the look and feel of your skin. In this article, we will look at the 6 best foods that you can eat for healthy skin.

1. Avocados

Avocados not only tastes great but can have a positive impact on our skin. Avocados are high in good fats which are essential to keeping the skin moist and elastic.


Dr Shah who offers botox in Birmingham says that "there have been many studies carried out that have shown people who have a higher intake of healthy fats have more supple and elastic skin which leads to fewer wrinkles and healthier skin".

Avocados contain many healthy vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and E which have been shown to protect against skin damage from the sun.

2. Bell Peppers

 Bell Peppers

Now I must admit, bell peppers are not the most enjoyable food to eat and they often overpower other foods on the plate, but with that said, if you can incorporate bell peppers into your meal you will reap the rewards of it.

Bell peppers are rich in vitamin A and C and countless studies have shown that people with diets rich in vitamin A and C have fewer wrinkles and dry skin as they grow older.

If you want to stay away from a cosmetic surgeon, adding vitamin A and C to your diet through foods like bell peppers is a simple way of doing so.

3. Broccoli


Broccoli is one of those foods that has so many benefits of eating that it would be silly not to incorporate it into your diet. Broccoli has many benefits of eating and one of those is that it's rich in something called lutein.

Lutein plays an important role in the body because it protects your skin from oxidative damage. Oxidative damage is caused by free radicals and antioxidants in the body which cause cell and tissue damage. The cell and tissue damage then causes your skin to wrinkle and look older.

Broccoli also contains something called sulforaphane which protects your skin against damage caused by the sun. To protect your skin this summer (and all year round) be sure to add broccoli to your diet.

4. Fatty Fish

Fatty Fish

The amount of times I have read that fatty fish should be avoided because they make your skin greasy is astonishing and it couldn't be further from the truth.

Fish is not only great food to eat for your overall health but fatty fish like salmon and mackerel contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which are very important when it comes to skin health. Omega-3 fats play a role in keeping your skin elastic, thick and moisturised.

Being high in protein also means that eating them will keep you fuller for longer so there is less chance of you snacking on bad foods which can ruin your skin.

5. Blueberries


A small cup of blueberries is the equivalent of 25% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C which can fight free radicals and antioxidants in your body.

Blueberries are low in calories and can be eaten in smoothies or simply as they come. If you want good skin, add these to your diet.

6. Edamame


Edamame or vegetable soybeans are high in protein and can even lower your bodies cholesterol, but today we will be talking about the amazing benefits they have on the skin.

Eating edamame can help keep your skin thick as they contain a nutrient called linoleic acid. Linoleic acid prevents skin thinning which shows up more wrinkles and blemishes.


Having healthy skin is easy when you know-how and chances are you already eat some of the above foods. Now you know the importance of them for healthier skin you can include them into your diet.

If you have any tips on foods that can improve your skin health please comment them below.

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2022)

A beauty professional, Cory Fang earned her two-year diploma in Beauty and Skin Care before going on to study Reflexology, Somatology, and electrical face and body treatments.She is committed to her client's well-being, and after working at a local beauty business for three years, she went into business for herself four years ago. A proponent on peels, skin needling, facials, and basic home care, she knows what it takes to keep skin and the body healthy.

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