Training a dog, especially when it comes to large dogs, can be difficult even if you have experience with dogs. Yet when you can implement the help of a training collar, you will find it is much easier to train your dog. Finding the perfect training collar can be a daunting experience. However, this list of the best dog training collars is here to help!

How Does a Shock Collar Work?

Shock collars were initially created in the 1960’s as a way to train hunting dogs. Today, shock collars are used to train unwanted or unsafe behavior out of your dog ranging from food aggression, excessive barking, or to train your dog to stay within a property line.

It is important to know that shock collars are NOT intended for use as punishment. Instead their purpose is to deter and train unsafe or negative behavior out of your dog. The theory behind shock collars is that your dog associates the unwanted behaviors with the uncomfortable shock. Once your dog realizes the unwanted behavior will be accompanied by a shock, they will stop doing it until there is no longer a need for the reminder.

Shocks that are given to dogs through an approved collar is safe. It will give a shock that will get your dog’s attention, but it will not have short term or long term harm on your dog. With nearly all shock collars, there are different levels of enforcement so you will be able to set the level to discipline the behavior as needed.

To give an example, several shock collars will have a beep or vibration as an initial warning before the actual shock is given. The beeping will also give you a chance to give verbal instruction or commands such as No, or Down. The beeping or vibrations will reinforce your commands.

In the case of property line boundaries, the shock collar will be triggered by the wires that are installed around the property. When your dog oversteps the boundary they will receive a slight shock.

What You Need to Know About Dog Training Collars

Before you buy a training shock collar for you dog, there are a few things you need to know. Here is a list of a few pros and cons that are associated with dog collars that you should consider so you can find the best shock collar for dogs.


1. Adjusting Intensity

Most shock collars will allow you to have the flexibility to have different modes or settings. Whether it is a warning beep, vibration, or different levels of shock setting, you can customize the level or mode you want to use.There are other shock training collars such as a spray collar that will administer a foul odor up your dog’s nose and snout. This is harmless, but they are typically not adjustable.

2. Quick Results

Many pet owners share that it only takes a few times of being shocked for their dog to correct the unwanted behavior. After a few times of being shocked, usually the beeping or the vibration is enough to stop the unwanted behavior. Although many pet owners see fast results, the more stubborn your dog is, the longer it can take for them to be trained.

3. You Don’t Have to be There

If you are using a shock collar for excessive barking or to control their boundaries, they will work even if you are not there or are inside your home. While this can be convenient, it is not recommended to leave your dog alone for long periods of time, whether they have a shock collar or not.

4. Budget Friendly

Shock collars are usually a cheap alternative to a fence or a professional dog trainer. They start at about $25 and can get up to about $200. It all depends on the brand, make, model, and which features the shock collar will include.


1. The Intensity of the Shock

It goes without saying that pet owners do not want to harm their dogs. Even when you have control and flexibility over the settings and strength of the shock, you are still shocking your dog with a method known as aversive behavior modification. Many trainers or dog behavior specialists will recommend reward instead of negative feedback.

2. Fear

When your dog has fear, they can become dangerous. When you are training your dog with a shock collar, they can begin to fear objects, people, or even situations that they associate the shock collar.

3. Over Correcting

When you are not present to control when the shock is given to your dog, automatic shock collars may give your dog a shock too often or even unintentionally. When this happens, the shock can end up confusing your dog or ‘correct’ a problem that wasn’t there in the first place.

4. No Positive Rewards

Shock collars will correct negative behavior in an aversive way. Make sure you take time to positively reinforce any good behavior with treats, praise, playtime, or cuddles.

One other important thing to note, you should not use a shock collar if your dog suffers from serious health conditions or is not old enough to be wearing one. It is advised to speak to your vet before you begin to use a shock collar so you can ensure you will not bring harm to your dog’s health.

Top 5 Dog Training Collars

 Top 5 Best Dog Training Collars to Help Train Your Dog

1. K9Konnection Remote Dog Training Collar

The K9Konnection Remote Dog Training Collar comes with an easy to use and completely adjustable push button remote to help you control the shock given to your dog. The K9Konnection remote training collar works within 300 yards and features 16 different levels of correction.

The K9Konnection remote dog training collar can be fitted to any sized dog or breed. If you have multiple dogs, you can eve use the remote to control up to two dogs at one time- separately or at the same time.


Easy to use


Latch can easily come loose

2. PetSafe Spray Commander Collar

The PetSafe Spray Commander Collar is a great training collar for dogs and it is a safer alternative to the shock collar. The PetSafe Spray Commander will either beep or send a spray of citronella to your dog’s nose. Dogs find citronella repulsive even though it is harmless, yet there is also an unscented option available.

The remote can either trigger a beep or send out the spray-it’s up to you. All it takes is a simple push on the remote and you can correct your dog’s unwanted behavior right away.


Easy to use


If battery cover is lost, the collar will not work

3. Fiddo Electric Remote Dog Collar

The Fiddo Electric Remote Dog Collar can train up to two dogs at a time which is great for households with multiple dogs. There are four modes of operation included which are: vibrations, flashing lights, beeping, and electric shock.

The remote includes a backlit LED screen and buttons that are easy to press so you will not experience a delay in training the unwanted behavior out of your dog.


    • Comes with rechargeable lithium batteries

    • Batteries last a long time

    • Easy to use

    • Suitable for dogs 15-100 pounds

    • 100 levels of vibrations

    • 100 levels of shock

    • Stand-by function which helps to save power

    • Can be used easily at night

    • Fully customizable for tailored training

    • Can work on two dogs-separately or in sync


    • Flashing light function may not work on all dogs

    • Not as durable as other brands

    • May not work on stubborn dogs

    • May not be suitable for dogs with thick undercoats as they may not feel the shock or vibration.

    • The latching buckle is made from cheap plastic and can become unlatched

4. PetSpy Remote Dog Collar

The PetSPy Remote dog collar offers dog owners easy training and many benefits that other dog collars do not have. The best thing about the PetSpy remote dog collar is that it is great for two dogs- or if you just have one, you get a spare collar.

The PetSpy Remote dog collar comes with a one year warranty, yet the high quality make will be quite durable. This collar is great for dogs from 10 to 140 pounds and includes four training modes such as shock, vibration, beeping, and lights.


Great for larger dogs


Static shock may not work on dogs with thick fur

5. Colpet Dog Training Collar

The Colpet dog training collar is a dog training collar that has a sleek and modern design and can adjust to fit nearly any sized dog. The remote includes easy to use and read buttons as well as the specially designed automation function.

The colper dog training collar features four modes with seven different levels to help you customize your dog’s training. In addition, the Colpet dog training collar is energy saving and user friendly- no more accidently pressing the button.


    • Waterproof

    • Works in 800 yard radius

    • 4 modes: vibration, beeping, flashing, shock

    • Automation function is attractive to those who want to leave their dog’s unattended for short periods of time or use the collar without the remote

    • Rechargeable remote

    • Great for small, medium, and large dogs

    • Lifetime warranty

    • Strong and secure latch on the collar

    • Does not provide actual ‘shock’ to the dog which is safer


    • Settings can be tricky to set until you are familiar with the device

    • May not be suitable for stubborn dogs

    • May not be ideal for dogs with thick fur or thick undercoats

Selecting the right dog training collar for your dog is important so you can both live in peace and harmony. Any unwanted behavior exhibited by your dog will soon be gone with the help of the best dog training collars on this list. I can personally recommend the use of the Fiddo Electric Remote Dog collar for training your dog.

The Fiddo Electric Remote Dog collar is an outstanding and versatile dog training tool that is gentle on your dog while still enforcing the training they need to stop their unwanted behavior. Whether your dog jumps, digs, barks, chews, or likes to roam, the Fiddo Electric Remote Dog collar can certainly turn your dog into one of the best behaved dogs on your street.

No matter which dog training collar you choose to use, with the help of this list you can certainly find the best dog training collars to help correct your dog’s behavior in a safe and humane way.

Alayna Mayer Ph.D. has accrued more than ten years of professional veterinary experience. She emphasizes homeopathic care in her practice, but she makes all options known to her patients’ humans so that they can make well-informed decisions about their pets’ health. Email: [email protected]

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