When it comes to your dog’s dental health, you want to be sure to give your dog the absolute best. To make your search for the best dental chews for dogs a little bit easier, I have found the top 5 best dental chews for dogs that will improve your dog’s dental hygiene.

How to Choose a Dental Chew for Your Dog

Giving your dog a treat is a great way to reward positive behavior or reinforce any training you are giving them. In addition, giving your dog a treat will help to strengthen your bond together. But how can you choose the right treats to give your dog?

In the case of dental health, many pet owners often forget about this part of their dog’s health and well-being. No matter which breed of dog you have, keeping their teeth healthy, clean, and strong are important for a healthy lifestyle.

Dental treats can be a cost effective way to help keep your dog’s teeth clean and strong. And it gives your dog something delicious to chew on. Many dental treats are designed to specifically target the hard to reach areas of your dog’s mouth and areas that are prone to plaque and tartar build-up.

Because, just like humans, dogs can develop plaque, tartar, and even gum problems if they do not receive the proper dental care. Dental treats can act like a doggie toothbrush in a way since they help reduce any build-up and help to keep your dog’s mouth clean.

Yet, with any dog treats, there are some things you as an owner need to be aware of, because too much of a good thing can end up doing harm to your dog.

Unfortunately, many dog treats are made with grains or high levels of sugars or fats. These ingredients can be the hidden cause to your dog’s weight gain as it can be very easy to lose track of how many dog treats you are doling out throughout the day.

Nearly half of every pet in the U.S. has a problem with their weight. When your dog is overweight, it places them at risk for several health problems, especially later in life.

To give you an example of how easy it is to allow your dog to over indulge in treats, a 20 pound dog will only burn about 700 calories each day, yet this depends on the individual level of activity. If you give your dog a large dog treat that contains 100 calories, giving your dog 2 or 3 or even more of these dog treats can easily lead to over indulgence and significant weight gain.

If you have a dog that is overweight or one that struggles with their weight, save a high calorie treat for special occasions or switch to a dog treat that is lower in calories.

Finding the dog treats that are best for dogs, can easily be done. Keep in mind the following factors when you are searching for your dog’s treats:

Avoid giving your dog table scraps for two reasons. One, you are encouraging a bad habit and two, you can easily give your dog a food that will upset their stomachs or cause health problems, including weight gain.

In addition to the above treat checklist, giving your dog dental treats has their own benefits, which is why they are so popular among dog owners. Giving your dog dental chews can help to prevent:

    • Bad breath

    • Leftover food left on the teeth that can turn into plaque and/or bacteria

    • Residue left on the teeth, caused by tartar, that can turn from white, yellow, or even brown, depending on the severity of the tartar

    • Pain in the mouth

    • Irritated or even swollen gums that can lead to loss of appetite and/or bleeding.

Top 5 Best Dental Chews

5 Best Dental Chews for Dogs that Improve Dental Hygiene

1. Greenies Original Dental Dog Treats

The Greenies Original Dental Dog treats are specially designed to help with bad breath, clean your dog’s teeth and help to control plaque and tartar build-up. Since these dog treats are made from soluble and natural ingredients, they can break down quickly and are safer for digestion.

In addition, there are added vitamins and minerals in these treats which give your dog’s immune system an added boost. Not to mention, they are low in fat and are nutritionally complete for a balanced diet for your dog.


  • Helps with bad breath
  • Small enough for puppies and toy breeds
  • Easy to digest
  • Low in fat
  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • Helps reduce plaque and tartar
  • Unique shape that gets in between teeth
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Low in calories which help to maintain a healthy weight
  • Recommended by vets
  • Promotes a long lasting chew
  • Made with natural ingredients


  • May be too small for large dogs as they eat them too quickly and cannot focus on the chewing
  • Giving your dog too many can cause diarrhea
  • Green color can sometimes stain bedding, white fur, or even furniture

2. Pedigree Dentastix Large Dog Treats

The Pedigree Dentastix large dog treats are a very popular choice among dog owners. They are soft, yet their shape allows the treat to penetrate the harder to reach areas in your dog’s mouth. Complete with a triple action formula, the Dentastix help target bad breath, cleans the teeth, and removes plaque and tartar build-up.

Since they have a chicken flavor, dogs love to enjoy these dental chews and look forward to chewing them. One dentastix a day is all your dog needs for at home dental care.


  • Available in multiple sizes and even a puppy formula
  • Great chicken flavor dogs love
  • Prevents bad breath
  • Reduces tartar and plaque build-up
  • Helps to whiten your dog’s teeth
  • Promotes long chewing sessions which help reach those hard to reach areas
  • Helps promote better dental hygiene


  • Can pose a choking hazard if swallowed in large pieces
  • Can cause diarrhea if you give your dog too many
  • Can stick together in the package which can be hard to remove one especially if you have arthritis

3. Virbac CET VeggieDent Dental Chews

The Virbac CET VeggieDent Dental chews are a great, natural choice for your dog. The unique Z shape is easy to hold and promotes longer chewing. As your dog chews the Virbac CET VeggieDent Dental chews, they will work together with your dog’s chewing to freshen your dog’s breath, reduce plaque, and decrease any tartar build-up.

Since these dog dental treats are quite dense, your dog will be able to chew them longer which helps to clean their teeth more thoroughly. With added vitamins, your dog will receive the extra immune boost along with the dental hygiene benefits with each and every treat.


    • Freshens breath

    • Reduces plaque and tartar build-up

    • Long lasting chews

    • Helps to whiten teeth

    • Added vitamins and minerals for complete nutritional value

    • Available in multiple sizes for any dog breed or age

    • Low in calories which help maintain healthy weight

    • Easy to digest


    • Can cause diarrhea if you give your dog too many

    • Not made in the US

    • Hard consistency may be too hard for smaller dogs or puppies

4. Dingo Dental Sticks

The Dingo Dental Sticks are made from natural ingredients and offer your dog a great taste that they look forward to enjoying. Made from real chicken and vegetables, these dental dog treats provide a delicious taste, yet powerful dental hygiene benefits.

The chewing action along with these dog treats helps to scrub your dog’s teeth clean while they massage the gums. In addition, they will freshen your dog’s breath and decrease tartar and plaque build-up.


    • Great flavor that dogs love

    • Available in multiple sizes for different dog breeds or ages

    • Promotes long lasting chewing sessions

    • Thoroughly cleans your dog’s mouth

    • Helps clean and whiten your dog’s teeth

    • Reduces plaque and tartar build-up

    • Easy to digest

    • Can break in half to make the treats last longer

    • Vet recommended


    • Not made in the US

    • Can stain furniture, bedding, or clothing

    • Giving your dog too many can cause diarrhea or vomiting

    • Larger dogs can eat these treats too quickly

5. Blue Buffalo Dog Bones

The Blue Buffalo Dog bones are highly regarded among dog treats and are even recommended by vets. This is because of the high quality and natural ingredients included in the formula. Made in the USA and free from any harmful ingredients, pet owners know they can trust this brand of dog dental chews.

With a great flavor and long lasting chew, dogs look forward to their daily dental treat. The Blue Buffalo Dog bones can freshen your dog’s breath, reduce your dog’s plaque and tartar bulid-up, as well as clean your dog’s mouth.


    • Made in the USA

    • All natural ingredients

    • Made without by products or grains

    • Freshens breath

    • Reduces plaque and tartar build-up

    • Cleans mouth and gums

    • Great flavor that dog’s love

    • Available in multiple sizes for different breeds and ages of dogs

    • 100% digestible

    • Low calorie dog treat

    • Great for dogs with diabetes

    • Great choice for even the most finicky dogs

    • Vet recommended


    • More expensive than other brands of dog dental chews

    • Can cause diarrhea if you give your dog too many

    • Great flavor can cause your dog to eat them too fast

Choosing the right dental treats for your dog’s dental health and hygiene is important for your dog’s overall health and well-being. While all of the best dental chews for dogs are on this list are great to give your dog, the best of the best would have to be the Blue Buffalo Dog Bones.

The Blue Buffalo Dog Bones are great for any sized dog at ay life stage. Since they are made in the USA and are made from all natural ingredients, vets can highly recommend this brand of dog dental chews. The Blue Buffalo Dog Bones are easy to digest and promote long lasting chewing sessions that allow the dog bone to penetrate those hard to reach areas in your dog’s mouth.

And, since they have such a great flavor, your dog will be practically begging you for more.

I hope this list can help you find the best dental chews for your dog. Finding a great treat is one thing, but if you can find a great dental chew for your dog, you will be helping them have a healthier lifestyle and long lasting dental health as well.

Whether you decide to go with the Blue Buffalo Dog Bones or one that is more cost effective, just know that any of the best dental chews for dogs will be sure to help freshen your dog’s breath, remove plaque and tartar, and be sure to promote healthy gums and teeth for years to come.

Alayna Mayer Ph.D. has accrued more than ten years of professional veterinary experience. She emphasizes homeopathic care in her practice, but she makes all options known to her patients’ humans so that they can make well-informed decisions about their pets’ health. Email: [email protected]

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