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Finding the best dog bowls for your dog is definitely not an easy task. You want to make sure that your dog receives something that suits their needs, but is also made of a safe and durable material so your dog can use the bowls throughout their life.

Whether you are looking to find a dog water bowl or a high quality food bowl, this list of the five best dog bowls will be sure to please every dog!

How to Choose Your Dog Bowls

As a dutiful and loving dog owner, it’s always a high priority to find the very best products for your dog to use. That is why when it comes time to find your dog a slow feed dog bowl, or even elevated dog bowls it does pay to do your research on the mass variety of options that are available.

Here are the four main factors you will need to consider before you select the best dog bowls for your dog.

Steel vs Ceramic

When you have purchased a metal dog bowl, you can trust that they mean business. Not only are the very durable and cannot break, they are very easy to clean and rinse out. In contrast, ceramic bowls will give you more style when it comes to designs, but they can end up breaking if you drop it. While ceramic provides more color and design options, it is still more durable than a plastic bowl.

Both steel and ceramic bowls are much safer than plastic feeding bowls.

There are a few downsides to choosing these types of bowls though. If your dog eats messily, the stainless steel bowls will be quite loud. In terms of ceramic, they can crack or even break if they are not cared for properly or if they are exposed to extreme temperatures.

It is most wise to hand wash your ceramic bowls in order for them to maintain longevity. Keep in mind that low quality ceramic bowls have been linked to lead poisoning in the past. If you decide to choose a ceramic bowl for you dog, ensure that it is a high quality, lead free version.

Wood vs Metal

Metal and wooden dog bowls are more modern designs that the classic ceramic or the stainless steel options. As pet owners continue to gain more knowledge and information about the overall quality of their pet’s products, they are understanding that choosing the cheaper options for use now will end up costing them and their dog more down the road.

Wooden and metal bowls may be costlier yet, they will end up lasting longer. In addition, these types of dog bowls will provide a touch of interior design to your own home. Metal dog bowls are quite similar to stainless steel in the fact that they will not break and are more durable than wood dog bowls.

Dog bowls made from wood will not break either and will complement a household that has wood furniture.

As mentioned before, metal bowls- similar to the stainless steel dog bowls will be loud and can even create unwanted sounds when your dog eats. Wooden dog bowls are durable, yet they can become stained or warped with the amounts of water that does not get drank by your dog. It is common knowledge that dogs slurp and drool whenever they go to take a drink and this alone could cause slight damage to any wooden bowls.

Stylish vs Simple

Stylish water and food bowls will almost always cost more than simpler or more traditional dog bowls. However, several dog owners are taking notice that the dog bowls are a part of the interior design of the home. And since dogs can live upwards of ten years, the dog bowl will be there just as long.

Simpler dog food bowls are great if you want to move them around your home, outside or inside, or wherever you need or want them to be.

Stylish food and water bowls are costlier at the initial point of your purchase, but since they are made from high quality materials, they can easily outlast the simple options.

Raised Feeder vs Normal

A raised or elevated feeder is actually known to aid your dog’s digestive system as well as prevent many health defects that can come with eating out of any normal type of dog bowl. For example, bloat and mega-esophagus- both of which are fatal- can both be prevented with the use of an elevated dog bowl.

Not just the feeder, Totally Golden suggests Best Grain Free Dog Food for your Furry companion.

Not to mention, higher dog bowls can be easier to clean and maintain since your dog will not drop too much food on to the floor. When your dog eats from an elevated dog bowl, they will have a more comfortable position and better posture. Food will be easier to swallow which can help your pet to slow down while they are eating.

Higher food bowls usually come with a higher cost and you will need to ensure that the elevation is suitable for the needs of your dog.

Top 5 Dog Bowls

5 of the Best Dog Bowls for Every Dog

1. Loving Pets Black Label Collection Rustic Bone Diner for Dogs, Aged Copper

The Loving Pets Black Label Collection is an elevated dog bowl that will take the physical strain off of your dog while they eat. Since the bowls are made from stainless steel, they will be durable and long lasting as well as easy to clean and maintain.


Great for large or small dogs


Some pet owners report the bowls are too small for their own dogs

2. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Feed Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowl

The Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Feed Interactive dog bowl is specially designed to help your dog eat slower while at the same time interacting them while they eat. This type of slow feed bowl is great for over excited eaters and puppies since this sort of dog bowl will help prevent bloat.

In addition to preventing bloat, your dog will also be less likely to regurgitate the food and develop obesity in their later years.


    • Promotes slowed eating and chewing

    • Provides interaction while eating

    • Made from high quality, food safe ABS plastic

    • BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free

    • Comes in two sizes and three colors to choose from

    • Great for puppies or overexcited eaters

    • Helps reduce the amount of air intake while eating

    • Holds up to four cups of dry dog food

    • The design of the bowl causes meals to last upwards of ten minutes which ensure safe digestion

    • Great for obese dogs

    • Great for medium to large sized dogs


  • Does not have a rubber or non-slip bottom

3. Neater Feeder Express

The Neater Feeder Express is a great elevated bowl for smaller breeds or puppies. The added elevation will enable them to eat slower as well as maintain the proper posture during mealtime. This elevated food bowl also includes a splash guard in its design so you can protect your walls and floors from water and food spillage.

There is also a non-skid rubber base so the food bowl will not slide or move while your dog is eating. The food bowls are made from stainless steel and are easily removed for cleaning.


    • Perfect choice for toy breeds, small dogs, or puppies

    • Bowls are made from stainless steel

    • Non-slip base

    • Easy to clean and maintain

    • Built-in splash guard protects the floors and walls of your home from splashes or spills

    • Durable

    • Long lasting

    • Bowls are dishwasher safe


    • Not suitable for medium or large breed dogs

    • Easy to knock over

    • Hard to wash the base in the sink

4. AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

The AmazonBasics Stainless Steel dog bowls are a set of two stainless steel dog bowls that will be sure to be long lasting and durable. Suitable for both food and water, these bowls can be used by any age or breed of dog.

These bowls are rust, stain, and odor resistant and offer a safer alternative to plastic dog bowls. The base includes a rubber, non-slip grip so your dog cannot push the bowls along the floor. In addition, the bowls are designed to be free from tipping over, even by the most determined dog.


  • Stainless steel

  • Rust, stain, and odor resistant

  • No-tip design

  • Rubber, non-slip grips on the bottom

  • Can buy one or two packs

  • Suitable for any aged dog or breed

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Rubber can be removed before washing bowls in the dishwasher

  • Lightweight

  • Sturdy dog bowls

  • Does not spill


  • Not stylish or unique in design

  • Bulky

  • Can be difficult for puppies or small breeds to use

5. Hugs Pet Products Ceramic Double Bowl Set

The Hugs Pet Products Ceramic Double Bowl Set is a very stylishly designed elevated dog bowl. Made from ceramic, you can be sure that your dog will be eating out of a safe material. The elevation will help your dog digest properly while at the same time maintaining the proper posture while they eat.

This design can complement nearly any home and this design is highly functional as well. The non-skid bottom allows the base to remain in place. Since the food bowls are removable and dishwasher safe, you can easily clean and maintain this elevated dog bowl.


  • Elevated design helps your dog eat slower, take in less air as they eat, and maintain proper posture during meal time

  • Non-skid bottom on the base

  • Stylish design that can suit any home

  • Ceramic bowls

  • Bowls are easily removed for cleaning

  • Ceramic bowls are dishwasher safe

  • Suitable for small to medium sized dogs

  • Two cup capacity in each ceramic bowl

  • Ceramic is thick and a high quality material

  • Durable and long lasting ceramic


    • Ceramic can crack or break if dropped or exposed to extreme heat or cold

    • Stand can easily break

    • Not best or ideal for large breeds of dogs

Selecting the best dog bowls for your precious pet is a high priority for all loving dog owners. When it comes to the best dog bowls on this list, the AmazonBasics Stainless Steel dog bowls are an excellent choice. Since they are suitable for nearly any dog and are made from high quality stainless steel, these dog bowls will be durable and long lasting for years to come.

In addition, the AmazonBasics dog bowls are tip-free and have a non-slip rubber grip on the base. These factors will help to eliminate messes caused by your dog during mealtime. And the stainless steel dog bowls are easy to clean and maintain since you can put them in the dishwasher.

In the end, no matter which type of dog bowls you need for your dog, you can be sure to find something among the best dog bowls on this list. Just be sure to do a little measuring of your dog and understand what their individual needs are before you make your final choice so that you and your dog are both happy during meal time.

Alayna Mayer Ph.D. has accrued more than ten years of professional veterinary experience. She emphasizes homeopathic care in her practice, but she makes all options known to her patients’ humans so that they can make well-informed decisions about their pets’ health. Email: [email protected]

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