Cat trees, or cat towers, are designed to give your cat the interaction the crave. The stimulation provided from a cat tree or cat tower is much needed for the overall health and wellness for your cat. And as a pet owner, you want to find the very best cat trees for your cat to use. That’s where we can help! We have found the top five best cat trees for you to compare so you can make the best choice for your cat, or multiple cats!

How to Choose a Cat Tree for Your Cat

As mentioned before, cat trees can also be known or referred to as cat towers. Don’t worry, these are used interchangeable throughout the pet products business, but they mean the same thing, generally speaking.

Cat trees will give you cat its own little space to play, rest, explore, scratch their claws, or even perch. Cats are naturally protective of their territory and when you can give them a place that is truly their own, and something that sits higher above everything else, you will not only show your cat love, but you will also give them happiness.

Having a cat tree will also help to keep them from becoming bored and/or destructive. The cat tree will prevent your cat from clawing, scratching, or even taking over your own furniture. Here are a few factors to think about when you are deciding upon your cat tree.

Choose the Right Dimensions and the Right Size

The cat tree should have a minimum of one platform for each cat that is in the household. In addition, you should have at least one cozy sleeping place and one scratching post for each cat. If you are searching for a cat tree for multiple cats, it will need to be bigger or you can consider purchasing more than one to satisfy the needs of all of your cats.

Know the Weight Load of the Cat Tree

Understanding the maximum weight load for the cat tree is especially important for big cats as well as for multiple cats. The higher the number of the weight load, the more secure the cat tree will end up being.

Cats will often leap or run onto their cat trees. Not to forget, if you have dogs or small children, they too may decide to climb or explore the cat tree. Make sure to select a cat tree that is sturdy and will be sure to handle the weight of multiple cats playing in or on it.

Know What the Cat Tree is Made From

Make sure to choose a cat tree that is made from real and solid wood-not treated woods. Treated woods are often known to contain harmful chemicals which can be detrimental to your cat’s health.

Furthermore, you will need to find a cat tree that has a covering of nylon or even olefin carpeting. Make sure the covering is not made from fake fur or flannels because neither of these materials are going to stand up against your cat’s claws.

Examine the Scratching Posts

If the scratching post is a high quality scratching post your cat will decide to use this instead of the couch or the leg to your tables. Ensure that you choose a cat tree with a scratching post that is wrapped with a natural sisal rope. Oiled ropes are toxic and will be sure to harm your cat. Also, the thicker the ropes are, the better the scratching posts will be for your cat’s claws.

Know How the Cat Tree is Fastened Together

Nails are not as secure as screws will be and you will be able to tighten the screws when the tower has been put through some good use. The carpeting on the cat tree should be stapled onto the cat tree instead of glued on. Glues can be toxic to your cat.

Consider the Styles

Make sure you choose a style of cat tree that you find attractive or one that will match the interior of your home. You will be more likely to interact with your cats should the cat tree be placed in a family room.

Check for Extra Features

A few brands of cat towers will include dangling toys for your cats to play with when they are on the cat tree. In addition, some brands of cat trees will have other accessories available for purchase to give your cat even more interaction, stimulation, and play.

Top Rated Cat Trees and Condos

5 Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree comes in a natural beige color and is a total of 51 inches high. It includes two platforms, one cuddly and cozy place, several spots for your cat to sharpen his or her claws, and even a dangly mouse toy for your cat to enjoy.

The cat tree is made from compressed wood and is carpeted with faux fur materials. The rope for the scratching posts is a sisal rope, so you can be sure it is safe for your cat to use.

Whether you have a couple of kittens or two cats, you can be sure this cat tree will be fun and entertaining for them.


  • Includes multiple stands and multiple scratching posts
  • Rope is made from safe and pet friendly sisal rope
  • 51 inches in height
  • Includes dangly mouse toy for your cat to play with
  • Takes 5-10 minutes to assemble
  • Assembled with screws so it is very sturdy


  • Better suited for kittens or smaller cats
  • Carpeted with faux fur which will not stand up against cat’s claws in the long run
  • Smaller than other brands of cat trees

2. Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo

The Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo comes in multiple sizes so you can suit the needs of your cats. There are five platforms for your cat to rest on and one cuddly house to rest inside of. Not to mention, the scratching posts are large and there are plenty for use.

The Armarkat Cat Tree is made from pressed wood and carpeted with a faux fleece material. This cat tree sits at 57 inches in height and can hold up to a maximum of 40 pounds, so if you have a couple of cats, this cat tree will be sure to hold up to their needs.


  • 57 inches in height
  • Multiple scratching posts and platforms
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Very sturdy design
  • Takes about 10 minutes to assemble
  • Nice design and color
  • Includes toys for extra play


  • Carpeting is made from faux fleece which will not stand up against your cat’s claws in the long run
  • Included accessories are not easy to hang
  • Cat house is not very big

3. Ollieroo Multi-Level Kitten Cat Tree Furniture

The Ollieroo Multi-Level Cat Tree includes four tiers for your cat’s to hang around on. Sturdy and well made, the Ollieroo Multi-level cat tree can withstand up to 40 pounds. And since the scratching posts are made from pet safe sisal rope, you can be sure they are safe when they use the scratching posts.

Standing a little shorter than other brands at 40 inches in height this cat tree is excellent if you have kittens or smaller cats. And since the design is a natural color, it will be well suited for any home.


  • Multi-tiered platforms and one perch for cats to use
  • Sisal rope scratching posts
  • Great for kittens or smaller cats
  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store when not in use
  • Two colors available: beige or gray
  • Includes scratching pads alongside the scratching posts for extra scratching areas


  • Shorter than other brands at only 40 inches in height
  • Carpeted with faux fur so it will not stand up against your cat’s claws
  • There is not a cubby house included with this cat tree, only platforms and one perch
  • Not the best choice for larger cats
  • No accessories included for extra play time

4. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is a very popular cat tree for larger cats and for multiple cats. This is because of the sheer size and ample space it provides. Not to mention there are several scratching posts and two dangly toys for your cat to play with.

With three perches, and two cuddly houses, as well as four platforms for your cats to rest or play on, you can be sure your cats will spend a lot of time engaged with this top of the line cat tree. Did I mention that it stands at a whopping 72 inches in height?


  • Great for multiple cats or large cats
  • Includes 2 cuddly houses for resting or play
  • Stands at 72 inches in height
  • Made from solid wood
  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Beige color matches most homes
  • Holds up to 70 pounds of weight
  • Two staircases for your cat to use to navigate the cat tree house


  • Height of 72 inches can be a danger to really young or small kittens because they can be hurt in a fall
  • Covering is made from faux fur which will not stand up against your cat’s claws
  • Heavier than other brands

5. Go Pet Club Cat Tree, Brown, F49

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree, Brown, model number F49, is a smaller cat tree at 47.5 inches in height, but is great for the single cat home or for a home with kittens. The scratching posts are covered with a natural sisal rope and there are two perches for your cat to use.

In addition there are two dangly toys to further engage your cat when they want to play and one cuddly house for when they want to hide or rest.


  • Great for kittens or smaller cats
  • 47.5 inches in height
  • Multiple perches and scratching posts
  • Multiple dangly toys for your cat to play with
  • Natural design can match many homes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Assembled with screws for more stability
  • Scratching posts are covered with a sisal rope for the safety of your cat
  • Very sturdy


  • Made from pressed wood
  • Covering is made from a faux fur material which will not stand up against your cat’s claws in the long run
  • Not for larger cats
  • Not ideal for more than two cats

In order to find your cat one of the best cat tree house or towers, you will need to consider your cat’s needs and what will be best for your home. While all of these cat trees on this list are some of the very best cat trees, we have one that stands out against the crowd.

The best cat tree for any home with one or several cats of any size would have to be the Go Pet Cat Tree. Not only is it one of the largest cat trees, it can suit the playing, perching, and hiding or resting needs of several cats at one time. And since the holding weight is 70 pounds you can be sure it will last against the running and playing your cats will do.

Not to mention the Go Pet Cat Tree is made from solid wood and uses the pet safe sisal rope for its scratching posts. Just be careful introducing this cat tree to any very small kittens because the height can be a danger or a risk for them should they fall from the top. Other than that, this cat tree will be a great addition to any home with cats.

No matter which cat tree you decide upon, trust that this list of the very best cat trees will help to entertain your cat and keep them safe as well as suit their individual needs of perching, playing, or resting.

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