Whether you are going out of town for a few days or you have a busy schedule, automatic cat feeders can be a literal life saver for your cat, and a time saver for you. Finding a reliable and high quality cat feeder can be a little tricky though. This is why we have found you the very best automatic cat feeders for you to choose from so you can find your cat or multiple cats, the feeder that suits their needs.

What You Need to Know About Automatic Cat Feeders

If you’re considering to buy an automatic kitten or cat feeder for your feline friend and you are just not sure which type or brand will suit your, and most importantly- your cat’s, needs the most, we have found some useful information to help you make the best choice.

Here are a few tips to help you narrow down the infinite selections available and to help you make the right choice.

What is the time period the automatic cat feeder will be used?

When it comes to the time period the cat feeder will need to be used, you need to consider this carefully. Will the feeder be used 24 hours? 2-3 days? Or even a week or two? Depending on the amount of time you will end up needing the cat feeder will determine which type you will need. There are automatic feeders that can be programmed for up to several days or they can be programmed for use during just one day.

If you will need to use an automatic cat feeder for several days or a week, you will need to consider purchasing a reliable and high quality cat feeder.

Does the automatic feeder work within customizable times or in intervals?

This aspect to consider will be of upmost importance. Some automatic cat feeders will only work within an interval basis. This simply means that you will have to adjust the mechanism every single cycle or at a certain time- (and it will always need to be adjusted before the first feeding of the day)- and then the automatic cat feeder will begin rotating or opening every certain amount of time so you can only choose the first time of the feeding. Automatic cat feeders that use digital timers will also use this same type of system.

Of course, there are other even more sophisticated cat feeders that include the digital timer where you can schedule or choose the amount of food and the frequencies.

What size pellets are your cat’s food?

Most automatic cat feeders will ensure accuracy when it comes to the food dispensing with only a certain size of cat food pellets. Typically, this size is around ¼’’ in diameter. All the while, other cat feeders can be adjusted manually according to the pellet size because they are both for cats or dogs.

What state of health is your cat in?

Your cat’s health is very important to consider because if you have an obese or overweight cat you will need to program the feeder with the ability to only dispense small amounts of food at a time to prevent over indulgence and more weight gain.

What is your cat’s personality or behavior?

As a cat owner, you should recognize your cat’s behavior and what they like and what they do not like. Some pet owners who end up purchasing an automatic cat feeder will tell of it ending disastrously. Some cats have been able to ‘hack’ the feeder by breaking into the dispenser and allowing more food to come out. This in turn ends up breaking the feeder.

If your cat is slightly wild, not very disciplined, very intelligent, or a cat that is known as a ‘locksmith’ cat, you will need to buy a feeder that has an exceptionally good protection system. Or you could even buy one that can be mounted onto the wall or in a corner in order to keep the hopper from the bowl where your cat will be eating from.

Do you have multiple cats?

It is especially a good idea to purchase an automatic cat feeder that has a big hopper that will be able to store a lot of food as well as a timer that is capable of allowing dispensing of food multiple times per day so you can satisfy the intake of food for all of the cats that use it.

This system, however, will only work if your cat’s get along and can share the same food bowl.

Do you feed your cat wet or dry food?

If you only feed your cat wet cat food, unfortunately there are not very many options for sophisticated cat feeders. But don’t let this disappoint you completely. There are a few brands that offer automatic feeders especially for using wet food. Some will not include a timer and will work based upon intervals. Usually you will see that moist cat food automatic feeders will include an ice pack in order to keep the food in good condition for your cat.

5 Best Automatic Cat Feeder for Multiple Cats

BEST Automatic Cat Feeders

1. Petnet SmartFeeder - Automatic Pet Feeding from Your Smartphone

The PetNet SmartFeeder will allow you to dispense your cat’s food with the help of your iphone or Android phone. Not only can you manage the feeding sizes and times, you can do it all from your phone, wherever you are, just so long as you have a reliable wifi connection.

In addition, you will receive notifications to help remind you to schedule a feeding time or dispensing the food. This feature is especially useful for going out of town or if you have a very busy schedule.


    • Can be used with an Iphone or Android phone

    • Holds up to 5-7 pounds of dry food, depending on the pellet size

    • Includes a rechargeable battery for backup

    • Machine washable, stainless steel food bowl

    • Sleek and modern design

    • Works very well according to customized schedule and timing as well as food dispensing

    • Quiet


    • Must have wifi connection for remote use

    • Slope of the bowl is gentle and food can become lodged in the dispenser if it is too large

    • Hopper not as big as other brands

    • Not for wet foods

2. Crown Majestic Diamond Series V3 Cat or Dog Automatic Pet Feeder

The Crown Majestic Diamond Series Cat Feeder is easy to program and will automatically dispense food and water based upon a schedule you need. The backlit LCD displays the time and the number of meals that have been dispersed throughout the day and this feeder can either be charged at the wall or with the use of batteries.

This feeder includes custom fitted stainless steel bowls and can hold up to 4.4 pounds of food at one time. Simply select the size you need to dispense and input the times, and you and your cat are good to go.


Cats cannot reach their paws into the dispenser


Not for wet foods

3. Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser for Dogs & Cats

The Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder food dispenser is designed for both cats and dogs. This automatic food dispenser can schedule one to ten 24ml portions per feeding time based on your cat’s needs. With an LCD display, you can see food dispensing times and even scheduled alarms for feeding times.

The magnetic lid will lock to keep your pet from reaching more food. And since you can record your own personal meal time call, this is a great substitute for when you are away. Not to mention the feeder will work with batteries and an outlet so you do not have to worry about it breaking down while you are away.


  • Easy to use and program

  • Magnetic lid locks to prevent your cat from stealing food

  • Great for multiple cats

  • See through lid allows you to check food levels

  • Modern design

  • Recordable audio helps train your pet to use the feeder

  • Great for multiple cats


  • No audible message given should the feeder fail to dispense food

  • Larger and irregular shaped foods can become stuck in the dispenser

  • Not for wet foods

4. Super Feed Automatic Cat Feeder

The Super Feed Automatic Cat Feeder will allow you to feed your cat up to 48 times per day- whether it is a fraction of a cup or for multiple cats use. The feeder can be fastened to a wall to prevent damages by the more eager or intelligent cats- or those who like to thieve their food.

The programmer is easy to use and set up and can be fully customized for your cat’s needs. There is also an option available for feeding times or dispensing to be set up through your Iphone.


Multiple food dispensing capabilities


Bowl not made from stainless steel

5. Super Feed Automatic Cat Feeder, CSF-3XL Super Feeder

The Super Feed Automatic Cat Feeder Super Feeder includes a 1.5 gallon hopper and an analog timer so you can schedule feeding times according to your cat’s needs. You can dispense anywhere from ¼ a cup to 2-3 cups at a time and up to 48 times per day which is the brans standard.

This feeder can be attached to a wall to prevent damages and thieving cats. And since this hopper includes such a unique design, pellets will not become stuck as they are being dispensed to the food bowl.


    • Can attach to a wall to prevent damages or thieving cats

    • Great for cats on a diet or for multiple cats use

    • Can program and assemble easily

    • Unique and modern design

    • Made from tough polycarbonate

    • Made in the USA

    • Made with pet safe materials

    • Includes optional iPhone control capabilities


    • Must have wifi to use iPhone remote control

    • Does not currently work with Android phones (12/2016)

    • Not for use with wet foods

    • Indoor use only

Finding your cat or cat’s the best automatic cat feeder can be a tough challenge if you do not know what to look for. With the help of the tips above and this list of the very best automatic cat feeders, we hope that we have made your selection process much easier.

To give you the best of the best, we have found that the Super Feed Automatic Cat Feeder: Super Feeder is one of the most reliable and easy to use whether you have one cat or multiple cats. Made with high quality materials and able to fully customize the schedule and amounts of food, this automatic cat feeder is sure to suit your cat’s needs.

So whether you are going out of town for a few days or need help in your busy schedule, choosing any one of the best automatic cat feeders can help you and your cat day in and day out.

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