The Benefits Of Registering A Service Dog

If you have a service dog, chances are your pet is more than just your best friend. They are a companion that helps you get through everyday life. Service dogs assist people all over the United States. They make the lives of Americans with disabilities less difficult and more enjoyable.

With this being said, your pet needs to be officially registered as a service dog to serve to their fullest capacity. You can register for free at Service Dog Registration Of America. The registration process doesn't take long and you'll be able to get a hold of necessary products like vests and free replacement ID's.

If your pet is not registered, you can face difficulties in certain public places. Under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), service dogs are able to accompany their owners anywhere they go. Here are some reasons why you or someone you know should consider registering their dog as a service dog.

The Benefits Of Registering A Service Dog

Official Documentation

The most important reason for registering your furry animal, is you'll have official documentation in the case of a problem. This official document can be shown to anyone who is questioning your dogs accompaniment in public places where dogs are usually not welcome like restaurants and hotels.If you don't have proper documentation, you'll probably have an unpleasant, frustrating experience with staff members or managers.

Recognizable To Strangers

When you register your dog, you will receive a vest your dog. Your pet will wear this vest making them recognizable to strangers. This means as you and your pet pass strangers, they will be aware of the dogs job.

Why is this important? As we know, the world is full of dog lovers. Naturally, some strangers will want to stop and pet your furry friend. This is fine, however, it can be distracting for your service animal. Even though your dog is well trained it will still love attention of a stranger which means it might not be fully focused on you.Having them wear a vest lets passing people understand their role.


As we know, not every landlord accepts pets onto their property which can sometimes make it difficult to find a suitable, affordable place to live. Having certification to say that your dog is more than a pet and more of a necessity to live will help you fight against any dispute. If a landlord doesn't let the dog stay then they are in violation of the HUD Fair Housing Act and ADA protection.

Safety For You And Your Dog

In an emergency situation where you and your dog could be separated like an evacuation, it is important for emergency services to know who the service dog belongs to. When the dog is registered it makes the process a lot easier and quicker for you and your dog to reunite. This could be crucial if your service dog's job is to remind you to take important medication or assist you in and out of a wheelchair.


Having a disability should not stop you from traveling anywhere you'd like. In America, you can legally bring a registered service dog to assist you onto the cabin of an airplane. However, it is worth checking with the airline before you travel. While they are able to assist you onto the plane, each airline has different rules and regulations when it comes to flying with your service dog. Travelling abroad may require your dog to be quarantined upon arrival.

Wrap Up

All in all, registering your furry pet is a no brainer. It will allow you to take your loyal companion with you everywhere you go!

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2021)