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Nowadays, people are more conscious on their beauty. They cannot stop searching for products to improve their beauty. There are more products available in market to fulfill the needs of beauty oriented people. But, we have to choose the suitable option based on our needs.

The Natural Gift for our Face Beauty:

Benefits of Using Almond Oil on Skin

God has given us the wonderful Natural Earth. Though there are several artificial products available in beauty World, they cannot substitute Natural products. We are going to see such a natural product for our face beauty. Yes, we all know about Almond Oil. It has the natural contents to improve our skin health.

What is Special About Almond Oil?

Almond is the best snack to improve our well being. They are used in different forms like, as a powder with milk. Similarly, as Oil, it plays an important role in Beauty World. To know about its full benefits, we have to use it first. It is enriched with Vitamin E and A, fatty acids, protein, potassium and Zinc.

With the presence of Vitamin E, Almond oil acts as a powerful anti-oxidant. It deteriorates the collagen layer of Skin. You may ask now about role of Collagen in Skin. It is the essential one to keep our skin away from Wrinkles. We no need to go anywhere to get all these, because, Almond Oil is enough to supplement you these all good factors.

Vitamin A in Almond oil reduces acne. This oil easily gets into the Skin and cleans out the dirtiness in our face. With this characteristic, it also protects us from Backaches and Acne. It also acts as the best Skin Care. You may ask now, whether oily face people could apply almond oil. Exactly yes, because, it is not Comedogenic in Nature, so, it won’t clog pores. Particularly, oily face people have appreciated the application of Almond Oil.

Almond Oil and Its Benefits:

If you want to know the benefits of Almond oil specifically, look at the below points.

  • It will remove the Under-Eye Circles.
  • It relieves us from the Eczema and Rashes.
  • It acts as the best Natural Make Up Remover.
  • Presence of Zinc heals the brittle Nails.

Where should we apply Almond Oil?

Take few drops of Almond Oil and apply on the face. Massage it well for few minutes, as it needs to get into the skin well. Substances in Almond Oil clog the pores, acne and pimple.

Almond Oil on Whitening the Skin:

We can appreciate the Almond oil as it is not only famous for Skin Color, but also for smooth the Skin, nourishing and moisturizing.

Will Almond Oil Darken the Skin?

Almond oil won’t work as Tanning Oils and so, it will not darken the Skin. It is as same as Coconut oil which boosts up the skin tone. It gives the glowing skin. By being as a Exfoliator, it removes the dry and dead skin cells. The presence of Omega Fatty acids in Almond Oil prevents us from premature aging.

Is It Good to use Almond Oil on Skin?

Almond oil will not create any negative effects on the skin. But still, everyone should be conscious before using Almond Oil.

Follow These Precautions:

  • You are not advised to use Almond Oil, only if, you are allergic to any nuts.
  • If this is the first time for using Almond Oil, better do patch test.
  • Patch test is just done by, adding small amount of almond oil on the wrist or elbow. If you do not experience any redness, itching, burning or swelling within few fours of application, it is safer to use Almond oil on the skin.

Best Way To Use Almond Oil:

If you don’t have any idea about using almond oil, follow the steps.

Some people use Almond oil as a Makeup Remover. You should believe that, there are no natural makeup removers without Almond Oil. In Fact, it has major role in cleanser and moisturizer.

Almond Oil in Removing Makeup:

In order to use Almond Oil as a makeup remover, you should be conscious on the amount of using. Just apply the oil wherever you want to remove the makeup.

Almond Oil in Cleaning:

Almond oil is also called Carrier oil. It has the natural ability to carry essential oils deeper into the skin. Take some amount of Almond oil and mix it well with essential oil whichever you want to use.

Lists of oils could be mixed with Almond Oil:

There are few lists of oils which could be easily mix with Almond oil and they are,

  • Rosehip Oil
  • Lavender
  • Rose Geranium
  • Lemon Oil

It is better to take Patch test on either elbow or Wrist before applying it on your face.

Take a few amount of Almond oil and mix it well with your choice of essential oils. Apply that mixture on the skin and use warm water for rinsing. In order to use as a cleanser, it is better advised to rinse twice.

Almond Oil in Moisturizing:

As moisturizing oil, Almond oil will work to the best level. Before using as Moisturizing, apply few amount of Almond oil on the face and let it to remain there for few minutes. There is no need to rinse off, if the almond oil is being used as a moisturizer.

Almond oil has been known to people for thousands of Years with skin benefits. It does its best on soothing, softening and repairing the skin. It is enriched with Anti-inflammatory and emollient properties and some nutrients. It has major role in preparing skin care products.

If you are okay to eat any kinds of nuts, you can use Almond oil without any doubts. It is better to take Doctor’s advice, if you have any queries on using applying Almond oil on the skin.

Almond Oil in Removing Dark Circles under Eyes:

Dark circles are majorly caused by Sleep deprivation, Stress and allergies. Some people will get affected by dark circles under the eyes naturally. This may have several reasons. But whatever the reason is you can make use of Almond oil.

How Does Almond Oil Help?

It is not difficult to remove the dark circles under eyes, if you know the natural benefits of Almond Oil. The presence of Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant properties in Almond oil will reduce the dark circles and eye puffiness.

Moreover, it has Vitamin E and Vitamin K and with the help of these nutrients, it is very easier to expect the effective result under eyes.

Procedure to use Almond Oil:

It is important to choose high quality oil. It should be pure and organic.

Steps to use:

  • Use soap to wash your hands.
  • Then use cleanser to wash and gently apply under your eyes in order to improve blood circulation.
  • If you want to get effective results, you are advised to use almond oil for few weeks.

Role of Almond Oil in Aging Skin:

If you want the effective results on the skin, it is necessary to choose Almond Oil. It gradually decreases the presence of wrinkles. It is also better to combine with other ingredients such as essential oil to expect interesting results. As exfoliate, it also removes dry and dead skin cells.

Measures to apply Almond Oil:

  • Clean your face using usual cleanser and pat it with soft and clean towel. Be careful that, you should not apply almond oil over dirty face.
  • Check initially by applying it into the palm. As Almonds are rich source of Vitamin E nutrient, it will protect our skin from the sun.

Is it safe to drink sweet almond Oil:

Sweet Almond oil is known for some problems like Constipation and digestive issues. However, you should be very careful with the amount of oil you are advised to intake.

The Best Time to Have Almond Oil:

As morning is the best time to trigger with the bowel movements, it is good to drink in the morning.

How Soon It Produces Results:

If you have regular practice of having this sweet Almond oil, you will see the effective results with your digestive System functioning.

Other important benefits of Almond Oil:

If you start to use continuously, it will help in reducing scars, blemishes, acne, pigmentation and Aging skin.

Black dark circles:

Almond oil naturally has Skin lightening properties. It is rich in Vitamin E and with this, it removes the dark circles with regular application.

To remove acne:

It is rich in Fatty acids thus controls the sebum which creates acne. It will remove the pores which induces acne. In order to see effective results, it is more enough to apply only on the specific areas.

To remove the scars formation:

Use the almond oil continuously to prevent the formation of scars on the skin. These scars are the basic reasons for pimples, blemishes and scratches.

Just apply few drops of oil directly on the skin and massage.

As a Moisturizer:

It is filled with fatty acids which help in deep penetrating into the skin. Regular application of almond oil will result in beautiful skin.

Is it good for skin:

Sweet Almond oil is filled with moisturizing features, it is also best for skin application. Several nutrients like Vitamin E, B1 and A will remove skin dryness.

To remove skin rashes:

Sweet almond oil has more hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties which are good in treating rashes and skin disorders. It also relieves the skin from symptoms like redness.

To end up stretch Marks:

The interesting properties in this oil keep our skin strong. Use the sweet almond oil for massage as it improves blood circulation levels.

Almond oil in Skin Beauty:

There are more properties in Almond Oil to work for skin beauty. It has several benefits. We all may know about the nutrient benefits of Almond oil. It has its vast benefits in Cosmetic industry. It is well known for instant glow on face.

It is great for oily skin. After applying it on your face, leave it for few minutes. Now steam your face. You can use wet cloth. Wet a cloth with water and wring it in order to avoid water dripping. This will help to open the pores and remove the dirty skin.

Effective way to use Almond Oil on Face:

Almond oil is non Comedogenic as well as rich in several acids. It is not only used for oily skin types and sensitive skin types. This is the reason, why almond oil is not only used in beauty related products, but also in some skin disorders.

In addition to the presence of several nutrients, it also contains fatty acids which produce skin nourishment. With its presence, it will produce the best result in decrease aging. Almond oil also contains more nutrients. If you have dry skin, just massage with almond oil continuously.

It is non greasy in nature and lighter in texture. This is the reason why, it gets easily penetrated into the skin.

People who are searching for long time at the computer or lacking sleep, must massage with almond oil on the specific part of the eyes and dark circles. Do this continuously before going to bed and look at the magic of almond oil.

Instead of buying a chemical makeup removers which decreases the good look of skin, start buying Almond Oil. Let it to remain for five minutes.

The best way to store Sweet Almond Oil:

It is better to use glass container to store sweet almond oil. Store it in room temperature.

The Best Face Beauty Product- Almond Oil:

Though there exists, more artificial products in beauty world, we cannot expect the good result with all of them. Almond oil is always known to induce the natural beauty. We should be careful on its application. Generally, almond is the best source for healthy nutrients to intake. But, it is not only used for inner benefits, but also for external benefits. Try and enjoy the result.

A beauty professional, Cory Fang earned her two-year diploma in Beauty and Skin Care before going on to study Reflexology, Somatology, and electrical face and body treatments.She is committed to her client's well-being, and after working at a local beauty business for three years, she went into business for herself four years ago. A proponent on peels, skin needling, facials, and basic home care, she knows what it takes to keep skin and the body healthy.

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